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Iraq .. a large oil market with annual losses estimated at 3.65 billion dollars

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Iraq .. a large oil market with annual losses estimated at 3.65 billion dollars

 Baghdad / Fadia Al-Jawari

A number of MPs pointed out that the smuggling of oil and the burning of associated gas and non-exploitation cost Iraq an annual loss estimated at more than 7 billion dollars, in addition to the lack of integrity and transparency On fighting corruption in the oil sector.
"The smuggling of oil is not the result of today and is difficult to control, and this phenomenon has intensified because of the extension of the pipeline across the agricultural areas in the provinces of the center and the south."
The defense added in a statement (range), that "a modern monitoring system should be put on oil fields and pipelines that pass through villages and rural areas to reduce smuggling."
He pointed out that "the beneficiaries of smuggling linked to influential parties in the government, pointing out that" tribal conflicts caused the spread of corruption and the spread of the phenomenon of oil smuggling without strict control of the security services, "adding that" Iraq's annual financial losses exceed $ 3.65 billion from burning Gas associated with crude oil ".
For his part, member of the Basra Provincial Council, Ahmed Abdul Hussein, said that "smuggling of oil needs to stop the smuggling sources and leave the traditional methods currently in place," and the need to "update the methods used to close the sources of smuggling, including updating means of surveillance through thermal cameras, "Pointing to" the need for coordination between the ministries of interior and oil in the introduction of modern technology to control pipes and oil fields, such as aircraft technology and thermal cameras. "
Abdul-Hussein, said in a statement to (range), that "the escalation of oil smuggling from pipelines in the center and south of Iraq because of the nature of control and the proliferation of old security, which contribute to the ease of movement Mafiyat oil smuggling," noting that "the region also smuggles oil from The fields of Kirkuk formally and under the eyes of the government through tankers and oil pipelines before the government control it, "pointing out that" the losses suffered by Iraq because of oil smuggling, estimated at three billion dollars or more annually, "stressing that" Iraq needs to invest about forty billion dollars to take advantage of Of the associated gas production Of crude oil in the south of the country, which is part of the funds wasted, "noting that" there are specialized sources pointed out that "investments can bring to Iraq financial revenues of up to 500 billion dollars in the next twenty years," in addition to "
According to statistics of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Iraq's gas reserves of 137 trillion cubic feet, the majority of gas associated with crude oil.
According to International Energy Agency reports last year, Iraq's gas reserves in the south of the country is 90 trillion cubic feet, almost all of the gas associated with oil, and more than one billion cubic feet of gas burned daily in southern Iraq.
The Center for Scientific Research and Studies revealed that the corruption in the Iraqi oil sector exceeded billions of dollars despite the dependence of the Iraqi economy on 95% of its annual profits.
The center noted in its report that Iraq contained the largest oil reserves in the world, estimated at 143 billion barrels, in addition to oil deposits have not been discovered so far, making Iraq the largest oil market in the world.
The report added that "the export of oil and illegal smuggling since 2003, cost Iraq losses of $ 120 billion," in addition to "the disappearance of billions of dollars from the International Donations Department," noting that "stolen donations exceeded half of the profits of the oil sector, 2003 to 2015, where theft amounted to 800 billion dollars, from international donations to finance the Iraqi security sector, agricultural, and medical.
He pointed out that "the Iraqi constitution, agreed since 2005, stressed the affiliation of oil revenues to the Iraqi people only, but did not specify the means of distribution of natural resources, and to determine the way of distribution of oil, was issued oil and gas law, in 2007, but the law is still pending implementation After 10 years. "
The report pointed out that "Iraq produces 1.86 billion cubic feet of gas per day, but about 1.5 billion cubic feet of them, is burned and waste daily, because of the poor means of extraction and conservation of gas, that is, Iraq loses daily about $ 7 billion, And the
lack of coordination between the government and the lack of integrity and transparency, and the right of citizens to enjoy the wealth of the country equally and in accordance with international laws, and the Iraqi government to disclose With justice and nothing else Returned for ways of looting and smuggling, and show the activities of controlling the oil wells in front of public companies.

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