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What's next?

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What's next?

06/12/2017 12:00 a.m.
Haydar Kazem al-Baghdadi

Each project has goals for which it establishes and performs a public production or service activity that brings about the financial returns commensurate with the cost and type of economic activity it provides, which is recognized throughout World.

In Iraq, the past period has witnessed the opening of the banking system to a wide area, commensurate with the future of our promising economy and the considerable volume of work it expects in all the productive and service sectors whose performance has declined over the past decades, has reinforced the need for new strategic and subregional projects.

Of course, the economic process requires a highly developed and modern banking activity to complete the entire process required by the labour market that are geared towards reconstruction and construction and with local, regional and international efforts, the banking system is at the centre of success, smooth work and delivery within periods specified in the assignment.

Here, our banking system must adopt phased and phased development plans, an annual development plan that complements a broader, five-year, and thus, we have created a banking sector that adopts effective and correct banking instruments that are always successful and not progressive to the bank.

Our banking system must also be aware that it is required to have a great deal of responsibility and do its products in a manner that supports the process of sustainable development.

Here are the banks that stand at a certain traditional level, especially at the same time we have banks that are working hard to keep abreast of developments in The international arena, together with the efforts of the competent organizations working to communicate with the world's best banks and to strengthen the relationship with them, where Iraq's need to have an integrated banking system is met, and this is consistent with the central bank's instructions.

Iraqis. The banking system has great responsibilities and has to move to the stage of self-reliance in the realization of profits and the financing of its administration and its branches deployed in all regions of Iraq the dependence on the secondary currency auction, to the extent that it is accomplished or participated in economic development, and that the banks are treated by It is not exclusively capital.

A local community has proven its existence and embraced the best advanced banking systems and got the international ISO certificate although it did not enter the currency auction and this is proof local capabilities have the expertise to develop local banking performance and move the banking system to a better stage, and Real and genuine support for the process of sustainable development that Iraq seeks.

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