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The Tigris channel reveals the details of the World Bank negotiations with Iraq over the corruption of the currency auction ****

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The Tigris channel reveals the details of the World Bank negotiations with Iraq over the corruption of the currency auction


The Tigris channel also promised to reveal the details of the negotiations that took place in the Jordanian capital Amman between the World Bank and the Iraqi delegation regarding the main reason for the depletion of foreign currency reserves in the Central Bank. The parliamentary sources close to Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that the International Monetary Fund demanded the disclosure of corruption files in Currency auction.[/rtl]
[rtl]The sources pointed out that the International Monetary Fund has asked the Iraqi delegation negotiator in Amman to start uncovering the money laundering and corruption at the auction of currency, indicating that the investigation began with the Islamic World Bank to his friend Saif Badir and Bank Huda and his owner Hamad al-Musawi and banks 'Middle East and Ansari and Holding' Their owner Ali Ghulam and the Union Bank to his owner Aqeel Muften.[/rtl]
[rtl]According to sources, the International Monetary Fund considers that the currency auction is the reason for the depletion of reserves of the Central Bank of foreign currency after the total Iraqi reserves of hard currency at the auction of currency 82 billion in 2014 is now not exceeding 43 billion.[/rtl]
[rtl]The IMF also warned during the negotiations with the Iraqi delegation of the arrival of the Iraqi dinar to the stage of floating in the event of the reserve currency in the Central Bank to 36 billion, which will lead to lose the dinar even half of its value against the dollar to the price of one dollar 2,200 Iraqi dinars and this will collapse The Iraqi economy and the loss of confidence by international financiers.[/rtl]


Thank you Rocky !

I see some positives in this article.

1. The IMF has always had a tight grip on Iraq and now that Iraq is  ready to tackle corruption the IMF is giving them a swift kick in the butt to get them jump started  !!

2. Iraq needs the US Dollar to pay for imports UNTIL their currency is recognized and accepted by the importing countries. However the key to this is to provide ONLY the amount of dollars needed to pay for import.

3. The IMF is saying "get it together and control the auctions before you royally screw things up and go broke". They are priming Iraq for the near future  Wink

4. As I said the other day on the Delete the Zero's article, Iraq will need to free float the dinar when they are ready and start out low and allow the economy to determine the rate. There is no other way Iraq can do it !

5. Iraq is making HUGE strides in Banking, corruption control, electronic technology (less cash) and most importantly stability. After all these years we are so close to realizing our dream. Hang tight and let Iraq bring it all together and then we should see the light at the end of tunnel  Wink

Lifes purpose is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways shouting HOLY CHIT what a ride

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