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Alravedan..qrarat important banking services Bank received recognition and attention of large segments

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Alravedan..qrarat important banking services Bank received recognition and attention of large segments

Monday, 27 November / November 2017

Hamid Shahab

Rafidain Bank, is one of the first ancient financial banks in Iraq, since the forties, it is still tributary important for various banking and financial exchanges, not at the level of Iraq, but on a regional and international level, has received its multiple services offered by many segments of citizens and state officials estimate that and welcoming prohibitively high, for those banking services reflected on the reality of rapid evolution, this ancient place in the ranks of international banks, which ensures the bank to keep the banking and financial institution in the world of advanced electronic banking and technical activities progressing steps day after day.
It contributed to Dr. Khawla al-Asadi, Director General of the Rafidain Bank, since receiving her position to manage this ancient bank tasks two years ago, in rapid steps to develop and functions of the work of the bank technologies, to match the major financial banks in the region, and introduced dozens of departments in developmental and technical courses advanced to enable them to keep up with those electronic developments, and thus contributing to the preparation of advanced expertise in banking transactions.
Was issued by the Rafidain Bank in the coming months, dozens of decisions and steps and initiatives that have served different Iraqi segments, we desperately need to see Rafidain Bank, which facilitates its demands and needs, especially after the complexity of the crises of living and the difficulty of obtaining funds for the construction and housing and to support development projects in Iraq in various forms .
The steps promoted by the senior management of the Rafidain Bank under the supervision of the Director General, Dr. Khawla al-Asadi, through loans and advances made by the bank months factor since the strengthening of that relationship with different social strata, which I found in those presentations mitigated by the burden of crises, housing, construction and support projects small for the unemployed and support for the reconstruction of schools and colleges, cutting strides in advanced automated mail handling through electronic cards provided multiple facilities in the provision of banking services, and made it easier for tens of thousands of employees receiving their salaries in this modern technical methods, and leave Alosal Yep traditional Balinese outdated in Iraqi circles and institutions, and those steps were of interest and appreciation of hundreds of thousands who deal with the bank's activities, whether through the receipt of salaries, loans or deposits, what is a promising contribution worthy of praise and appreciation.
And do not forget the role of the media office of the Rafidain Bank and its Director, Mr. Mohammed Shammari, who is a spokesman for the bank, which displays the decisions and initiatives of the bank of public opinion and announce through the press office, which contributed to facilitate the movement of banking activity, and put the Rafidain Bank in front of transitions fast quality paced, and explained the contents of those decisions and made it clear steps to facilitate the implementation tasks, and placed the Iraqi public and those interested in the financial and banking affairs, in the form of banking services and facilities that the bank intends to provide citizens and segments of state employees and how it will be possible to take advantage of them.
Greetings to the Rafidain Bank senior and management and all financial and research departments, and its Director General, Dr. Khawla al-Asadi and director of her office media professor and fellow old Mohammed al-Shammari, and his media, and for all the good efforts offered by the Bank of Iraq within the various banking activities, which are valued and respected by many Iraqis and decision-making institutions and organizations State Aeryqh..oomnaatna them permanent success.


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