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A great welcome to the campaign of defining electricity investment contracts

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A great welcome to the campaign of defining electricity investment contracts

26/11/2017 12:00 am

[rtl]For its importance in energy saving throughout the day

Baghdad / Tareq al-Araji and Isra Samarrai
The campaign launched by the government to introduce investment projects for service and collection contracts to end the electricity crisis in the country has been welcomed by most Baghdadi, with high wages imposed by private generators despite the increase in operating hours for national electricity and moderate temperatures.
The campaign began on Saturday, under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and in coordination with the Ministry of Electricity and the Secretariat of Baghdad and the Media and Communications and the Iraqi Media Network, and permeates the campaign several workshops and seminars in Baghdad and the provinces of the project (service and collection), and to confirm the credibility of what has been indicated that The price of electricity has not undergone any increase after the amendment in early 2016.
Demonstrated yesterday dozens in the provinces of Basra and Dhi Qar, in order to reject the privatization project implemented by the Ministry of Electricity in cooperation with investment companies competent.

The success of the investment experiment
The Ministry of Electricity confirmed that the demonstrations witnessed in some provinces were fabricated by people driven by influential politicians in order to block the success of the investment experience in the distribution sector, pointing out that most of them come for electoral purposes.
(Haj Kamel Hashim) of the residents of the district of Cairo said in his speech for the morning, that the privatization project succeeded in most of the areas implemented, while most generators continue to impose summer operating amounts of 15 thousand dinars per amp, despite the improvement of electricity And increasing processing hours in various areas of the capital.
Hashem welcomed the campaign launched by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which aims to introduce citizens to the advantages of this important project, expecting that it will eliminate the excesses that prolong the national network and reduce consumption.
For his part, Saif Ali, from the Bayaa area, said the campaign is positive because it will make it easier for citizens to introduce the project. It will also allow them to view the process of paying their wages and electricity bills within the project, which will reduce the excessive consumption of energy.
He explained in his speech for the morning, that the country entered in the winter, and this will raise the rates of consumption through the operation of heaters and electric heaters of various kinds, pointing out that the timing of the campaign was very appropriate in order to inform citizens of the importance of the project in reducing consumption and reduce the rumors.
In an interview with al-Sabah, Abdel Karim Ahmed said that the collection of electricity costs is positive in light of the presence of a number of transgressors on the electrical system, especially citizens who have divided their homes to more than one house to manage without The official regulator of the discharges of those roles, which put a burden on the system and led to the lack of electricity throughout the day, calling at the same time, to support the campaign launched by the government to end the energy crisis. The Ministry of Communications spokesman Hazem Mohammed Ali told the Ā«morningĀ»: that the ministry worked to support the campaign to collect electricity wages coincided with the campaign to remove abuses, pointing out that this comes thanks to cooperation with the service departments Providing the best services to citizens.

He revealed that the owners of the communications departments in the Karkh side to remove all excesses on the electrical system in cooperation with the Electricity Police and with the support of the Baghdad Operations Command.
In this regard, the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher for the {morning} that certain parties with the support of some politicians and influential people are obstructing the success of the experience of investment in the distribution sector, saying that those parties will be affected their interests after the success of this experience.
He disclosed the presence of 17700 generators consuming 58 million liters per month of kerosene and 6700 government generators consume 12 million liters of this article, with 1700 industrial generators consume 6 million liters per month, indicating that this is a great waste of money, especially that large amounts of this Fuel goes to the black market to be used by some at the expense of citizens.
The teacher said that some have a lack of information on investment contracts for the distribution sector by the ministry, which works to clarify from time to time to them, noting that investment contracts are service contracts for collection, maintenance and processing, in addition to providing wages for more than 80 percent of workers in the sector distribution.
The ministry spokesman said that the contract with companies for a period of five years renewable, and there is a supervisory committee to monitor the performance of investment companies composed of members of the Ministry of Electricity and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of the Inspector General and the Legal Department in the Council of Ministers and civil society organizations and regional dignitaries, pointing out that the Committee cancels Contract in the event of the investor's delay in implementing the penal conditions.
He pointed out that the contract concluded includes 78 articles that are in the interest of the citizen first and then the ministry and then the government. The most important of these paragraphs is the explanation of the rumors which account for more than 60% and setting the smart standards free of charge and compliance with the pricing approved by the ministry.
The teacher pointed out that a large part of those events happened to harm the interests of some or for electoral purposes, especially that the experiment aims and pours in the interest of citizens of the owners of weak and medium incomes.
The Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, announced last Thursday to isolate the debts owed by citizens on the wages of current consumption, noting that there are other ideas to alleviate the burden of the citizen in the current situation will be approved by the Ministerial Energy Committee soon.[/rtl]

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