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Researchers identify mechanisms and ways to advance post-war Iraq

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Researchers identify mechanisms and ways to advance post-war Iraq

All News / Rahim Shammari:
Called for the development of a realistic development plan to address the negative aspects of the past, and the start of a future phase focused on the advancement of the economy and absorb unemployment and ease the financial burden of the citizen, and the direction of reconstruction and the return of displaced and zero problems caused by the war, with The end of the last battle and the destruction of terrorism and the extremism of the criminal, after three and a half years of blood and sacrifices paid fierce criminality on Iraq and the region and the world, and identified researcher Dr. Najat Hussein Jubouri, head of the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies in Mosul, The path of sound and the advancement of the post-war Iraq, instead of the current electoral media discourse, by correcting the course of the country and lifting the injustice and ending the series of crises designed by the state weight on the low-income, without finding a valid solution or recognize failure and inability to do something, and countries You do not want our country good and the voices of empty organizations Al-Jubouri said that "the media is still walking along the road, leaving the path devoted to opportunists and outsiders, including those who serve politicians instead of promoting the culture of society, and any elections and waste The public funds are talking after the destruction, violence and displacement that swept through our cities and residents, poor services, unemployed youth, the families of our martyrs, their children and their children, under the auspices of the prime minister, both legally and legally. Abadi should think with his advisors how to provide services to the poor and raise the situation of the country and the people. And the secret of the survival of the fabric of our society coherent despite the attempts to divide and they provide self and money to those who need, and proved that people are helping the poor and their work is equivalent to what many governments, countries and organizations can not work a small part of it. "A thorough diagnosis of the current issues needs a proper governmental and media revival and joint action to restore life to the liberated areas of infrastructure reconstruction and labor, to resolve the crises facing different regions and to limit the return of displaced people, Despite the fact that the current investigation has reached two-thirds returned and the rest is awaiting measures related to stability and community reconciliation, including the extension of security and the delivery of messages of reassurance to the population encourages their return. "During the work of specialized teams of the Ministry of Immigration recorded important points and developed a vision Strati It was written carefully and submitted to the competent authorities. It considered the partial issues and the fundamentals of the problem, and if they are addressed, they will be the basis for stability, with the need for a campaign of education and satisfaction for the people and the emerging generations, and steps to address the problems of security and social problems. Iraq again. "

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