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Iraqi and us banks meet in Washington

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1 Iraqi and us banks meet in Washington on Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:18 pm



Iraqi and us banks meet in Washington

12/10/2017 12:00 am
Baghdad/Hussain thghb

Adult presence on international workplace comes in all cases where you don't have traditional economies usually insignificant international attention from major economic blocs, and here comes the Iraqi banks existed alongside us banks in Washington evidence on the importance of Iraq and its economy For the other side who understands that our workload is large and can hire Executive and financial sector in more than one sector within Iraq.

Preparations continue between Iraq with the Iraqi private banks Association and American States represented us Strategic Studies Institute organized the first Us Iraqi Forum on 18 October.

Great cooperation

Executive Director of the Association of private banks on Brad said: "Iraq has considerable international attention can label it in the presence of delegations from various global economic blocs almhmhali Baghdad, there is a great cooperation between the Association and the US Treasury through ongoing meetings to discuss mechanisms to promote In the financial sector."

He said in an interview for "morning" to "strengthen cooperation between the two sides and lifted his knives to mutually benefit levels would be the main themes of the Forum" us Iraqi, pointing out that

"evolutionary Association plan aimed at upgrading human resources global levels make them able to cope With the latest technologies in the financial sector, as well as urging the banking sector to bring cutting edge technology that contribute to creating the best products provides financial wekadrali square handle large numbers required by walaamarotnvase construction projects in all cities.

He was among the US Treasury Department representative at his country's Embassy in Baghdad to an evolution in the Iraqi capital needs to highlight it to realize all viewers this achievement in major economic hub within any A country.

Sophisticated technology

Tariq pointed out that "the Forum will discuss the mechanisms of cooperation between the Iraqi banking sector and the American counterpart to develop local banking joints, particularly American banks have advanced technological capabilities can provide great benefit cooperation bridges to both sides of the process."

He noted that the Iraqi delegation would by Iraqi banks to meet the US Treasury and major banks there, the Foreign Ministry and representatives of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund International".

Bridges of cooperation.

The forum includes the first two display and illustrate the current reality of the banking sector for the American side to be an image of reality in all its detail how she and future prospects of financial realities, the other side includes direct cooperation with banks opening bridges and this gives us more confidence.

Global banking sector that us banks have high compliance of operations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing laws, "as contributing to the promotion of investment in Iraq and within the banking sector.".

"The Association to open prospects for cooperation in the field of capacity building and development of the Iraqi banking system in General to reach a limit that makes it universal standards."

Economic processes

GEO said economic Haider Kadhim Al-Baghdadi: "Iraq needed to communicate with major economies and increase friction with her in order to develop our economy, especially in the financial sector that needs the new international banking regulations and move products overall operations

"the Iraqi capital sector needs to actualize developmental cycle in proportion to the country's economic capabilities which require banking services capable of handling big numbers," pointing out that

"see the American experience is very important and it makes Iraqi banks before New task field is found on experience American".

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