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Chairman of the Joint Chamber of Commerce: The objectives of the development of economic relations with Baghdad did not materialize

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Chairman of the Joint Chamber of Commerce: The objectives of the development of economic relations with Baghdad did not materialize

 Baghdad / Range

The head of the joint Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce, Hamid Hosseini, that according to the five-year plan for the period 2010 to 2015, the development of economic relations between Tehran and Baghdad, has not been achieved any of the objectives in this framework, saying at a news conference, Iraq is a market Is significant and important for Iran, and must follow the reasons that led to the failure to achieve Iran's economic goals in this country.
On the most important trade objectives in this context, the head of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce pointed to raising the level of trade exchange to 15 billion dollars (only 8 billion dollars), concluding the trade tariffs agreement, canceling visas and establishing a joint trade coalition on insurance, Areas of transport, banking and trade. Husseini said that some of these goals have not yet been achieved because of the embargo imposed against Iran, and the other side was because of the presence of a presence in Iraq, adding that part of the failure in this matter is also due to the Iranian side. He pointed out that the obstacles caused by Iraq At the level of tariffs, the official in the Iranian Chamber of Commerce pointed out that the rate of tariffs imposed by this country amounted to 20 dollars per ton of goods, including cement products, which were badly damaged and it is not useful to export this product economically advantage today. Plan (Iranian Chamber of Commerce - Iraq Of the joint) to establish a major Ssulaih commercial centers in Iraq; noting that the implementation of this important program will come with positive results not on the level of Iranian goods exports only, but include the establishment of the Iranian opposition in Iraq, too, following will be the first Iranian commercial center in Basra launch soon. On Iran's market share, Husseini said Iran's share of the country's market for medicines and medical equipment was one percent, metals 11 percent, food products 18 percent, construction materials 55 percent, mining and refinery products 48 percent, petrochemicals 28 He said the Iraqis were satisfied with the ease of obtaining after sales service for Iranian cars and their spare parts, indicating why they wanted to buy e These products. The official in the Iranian Chamber of Commerce that the opportunities are available to major Iranian companies to strengthen their presence in Iraq. The Iranian ambassador to Iraq 'Irj Musjdi'

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