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E - marketing .. Portal success of contemporary youth projects

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E - marketing .. Portal success of contemporary youth projects

17/8/2017 1:24 am

Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf
Electronic marketing contributes to the success of many micro-enterprises run by many young groups in Iraqi society directly in improving the income of the Iraqi family, and indirectly supports the national economy.

Recently, many of these projects, which have been promoted through social networking sites, have been published to deliver their products smoothly to consumers at home or at home. In the
middle of this picture, economic analyst Rahim al-Shammari considered the phenomenon "positive" I have always secured income for many families. Multiple applications saw Shammari in his statement to the "morning" that " the right marketing projects contribute to deliver them to many consumers, this is what a number of young energies has done recently in the delivery of their products through" Alsocheal Media ", especially with the proliferation of multiple applications for social networking, most notably ( Intangram, snape, gat, Facebook) and other applications. " And the categories of young people aspired to establish their own projects, especially with weak access to employment opportunities in the government sector and their reluctance to work in the private sector for the lack of salaries and guarantees, which led to the opening and promotion of their own projects through "Media Media", which is a shortcut to reach the consumer Without the hassle and extra effort . According to research and field studies, this type of projects and marketing methods, provides uninterrupted income for many families, and stimulates the production of new materials that contribute to meet the needs of the market periodically, as well as the revival of some basic occupations and handicrafts that have disappeared over time after Commodity dumping, which is suffering from the country, in addition to that contributes to the alleviation of unemployment and the dissemination of the culture of work and stimulate creativity for young people. Business world and Shammari said that these new trends, are part of the modern and contemporary business world, which is likely to expand and spread regionally and internationally in the event provide conditions and means, as played by some Iraqi communities with small enterprises and micro and resident in the Arab and foreign countries to deliver Their products are free or at a nominal fee . It also found that these projects support the culture of work among the segments of Iraqi society, which is one of the young societies according to the international classifications, which encourages integration in the labor market, and strengthens the energies of young people in creativity and innovation, urging the organizations and associations concerned to stimulate and support this kind of young businesses and projects . In addition, a group of women set up a public company through the application of Viber. They offer hand-made products, including food, accessories, clothing and furniture, with different prices, up to the customer's premises, some with a small fee, and others free to earn the "food". Success and credibility and the most successful of these experiences, according to specialists, the credibility of most of these projects and the provision of services at appropriate prices, or less than the markets and wider choices without the trouble of traveling or search for the best through the publication of pictures and videos detailed products. "She and her friends started their project with an idea of ​​entertainment," she says. "She quickly became a reality and gained popularity because of the social networking site. Now she sells for up to a million dinars a day," she says. The owner of the page attributed the reasons for the rush of most of the proceeds, that it provides services at competitive prices with the delivery of materials sold free of charge with the option to buy or return the product upon receipt of these materials. On the other hand, Reem Saad, one of the projects handcrafted gratitude for social networking sites, The distances were shortened to deliver their business from accessories to customers. Thanks to electronic marketing, Saad confirmed that she gained fame, which facilitated the establishment of local exhibitions and participation in the regional, saying that most of the accessories were characterized by the ancient and ancient, now called (produced Vintage).

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