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money and business

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money and business

الأوراق Securities: announces the circulation of more than 65 billion shares in July
The Iraqi Stock Exchange announced that it traded more than 65 billion shares in July, indicating that banks are the most traded, noting that the ISX60 index closed at the end of July 2017 at 575.61 Point.
"The Iraqi market for securities organized in the current July 21 trading session in the regular market of 72 companies and 10 sessions in the second market," noting that "the market index ISX60 closed at the end of the month 2017 to 575.61 points, down by 0.09% compared to its value at the end of June of 576.11 points.
Abdul Salam said that "the number of shares traded during the month of July reached 65.877 billion shares, while the value of shares traded 40.720 billion dinars," adding that "
Iran to establish major trading centers in Iraq The
head of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce, Hamid Hosseini, said that the level of trade exchange has increased to 15 billion dollars (only 8 billion dollars) and the conclusion of the trade tariffs agreement The abolition of visas and the establishment of a joint trade coalition on insurance and cooperation in the areas of transport, banking and trade.
Husseini said that some of these goals have not yet been achieved because of the embargo imposed against Iran and the other side was because of the presence of an advocate in Iraq, adding that part of the negligence in this matter also belongs to the Iranian side.
Hosseini revealed the plan of the joint Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce to establish large chain commercial centers in Iraq. He pointed out that the implementation of this important program will bring positive results not only in the export of Iranian goods but also in Iran. Iranian in Basra soon.

 Russia announces the volume of investments in the gas sector in Iraq
Russian Ambassador to Iraq Maxim Maximov said on Tuesday that new horizons have recently emerged in front of Russian companies to work in Iraq, primarily in the domestic gas sector.
"In recent times, new horizons for cooperation have been opened," he said. "This is primarily related to the plans of the Iraqi government to develop the gas sector." He pointed out that Russian companies are interested in entering a number of projects in this sector.
The Russian ambassador said that leading Russian companies such as Gazprom Oil and Lukoil contribute significantly to the domestic oil sector, pointing out that "the total Russian investments in this area up to 10 billion dollars," noting that the companies "do not intend Stop at this point only, and is interested in strengthening cooperation with Iraq. "
Maximov also expressed his hope that "a meeting of the Russian-Iraqi sub-committee will be held in Moscow soon" to discuss ways to activate joint work in the field of energy and gas in Iraq.

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