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Expert: banking products gateway to the outside world.

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Expert: banking products gateway to the outside world.

15/8/2017 1:06 am

Developed by the Iraqi Trade Bank

Baghdad/follow Farrah pumice

To strengthen banking services in parts of Iraq, the Iraqi Trade Bank invested his services to be an important turning point in business, through horizontal expansion in the number of its branches, and give back to its client companies and individuals and State institutions, in the development of new products.

In this regard the economic expert sees THAMER Nawaf expansion opening bank branches in the provinces, to ensure the delivery of health services to all regions and reduce the burden of distances for the client.

The Iraqi Trade Bank opened its branch in Basra, after the transfer of the branch to the building owned by the Bank, so as to ensure the investment of its assets, after fully rehabilitated by the Engineering Division civil servants Bank under a rehabilitation plan.

Besides the Basra branch is the second-level branch Iraq offers services product (c m r) introduced recently, after the pool in Baghdad branch, a distinctive banking provides bank account by allocating a special place in the hearts of customers reception section corridors to accomplish banking operations without waiting, and grant the client preference 0.5 percent on interest rates for fixed deposit rates, as well as giving hearts card that the customer gets discounts for some airlines, hotels, restaurants In addition to the beloved city of Basra get quarterly tickets theatrical and movie theatres, as well as global priority card is granted that allows the bearer to enter all galleries in most airports, and other features.

So, the Iraqi Trade Bank opened a new branch in Maysan oil company, to be the second branch in Maysan governorate, section 23 Pan Iraq, based on the principle of expansion, proliferation, and continuing to provide better services in all aspects of banking.

General Director and Chairman of the Board of the Iraqi Trade Bank Faisal y yum machine in a press release that the Bank works always renewed and constructive manner to support all contribute to the building of the Iraqi economy for the better.

Alhims said that his bank the TBI is always best serves to his customers, so looking to increase production more char on the labour market, strengthening the Bank's orientation to be close of business partners to provide the necessary support and financial services consulting near whereabouts and strengthening partnership with them.

Hailed the Bank's big role Nawaf Iraqi trade in moving the economy in General, improving the provincial economy particularly in the commercial and economic aspects, noting that it meshes with expansion plans, westratigith that tend to increase the size of its clients and expand its activity in the market, and strive to be world access gate
It is said that the Iraqi Trade Bank has 23 branches at the level of Iraq offer diverse banking for all customers, and will be opening section 24 in Babylon Mall in Baghdad.

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