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Competition Central

15/8/2017 1:06 am
Hossein thghb

The finance sector represents a real departure for any axis building process and whatever their size, must be supported with its advanced products for economic activities.

We are in front of the stage of development of the banking sector and broad to ykonaltnavs master stage of development as it gets all over the world to create an active financial sector, where the most important hubs of development in a world rapidly in this area.

And on the central door makes the important development axis competition by urging all financial institutions should provide companies with banks services here could benefit from the experiences of the regional States and there should be encouragement for any institution with real directed evolution and support through this quick-service facilities.

Central, and his career that we saw during the past period and to develop the financial sector and the latest sophisticated global institutions pointed him surpassing the abominable walmnsobih crony pages of no use in the development of the country, which required to be competitive basis financial sector promotion beneficiary looking sophisticated and quick service that offers him time and effort at once and this is possible under the rapid developments taking place in the international financial sector and the financial sector and want to transfer to this objective can notify only By giving legitimate competition and that banks are racing to find new formulas to attract beneficiaries, particularly to Central towards financial inclusion which carries moving reality in the lives of all members of society.

Money needs efforts combined to compete to bring advanced technology and modern services by relying on our own central supervision, as long as we are far from the monopoly that is possible in a country economically promising future awaits needs a tremendous amount of banks to facilitate the management of funds and borne.

The big numbers you need sophisticated banking sector offers the best products in the developed world countries and this can be achieved by creating human competencies and learned that this first Central and creating advanced competencies in electronic payment systems, which required to circulate this experience in all banks and the quality and make general Faisal interbank phase competition exclusively.

The country to attract advanced technologies that strengthen the capacity of the financial sector and give the opportunity to a large development in products, and here there is indeed necessitates active and supported by the Association of private banks to move banks this trend and diagnose banks that have sophisticated systems and support and exclude from the instructions might make slower progress.

The next round of technological competition and this response will remain firmly in the Iraqi economy and promising in the region and the world.

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