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{Enable} and human resources

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{Enable} and human resources

07/8/2017 12:00 am
Bitter melon meek

The new initiative must have a presence and bring new Iraqi graduates of Economics and management competence campaign exclusively with knowledge and experience in their specialty, where Iraqi private banks Association initiated to advertise free training grant named "enabled" Association seeks behind this initiative, aimed at the initial stage of 60 graduates management and economics for the last three years, to youth development and to equip them with new skills and knowledge and experience qualify them to compete to obtain suitable employment in the labour market which favours the trainees Qualified than others.

That program "enable" training program launched by the Association of private banks through 3 courses in the areas of waloord and walbortorit Microsoft Excel easy lock, aims to rehabilitate young people and provide them with the required expertise to run ghmaralhiah process in the public and private sectors, for the sake of what they are getting from cognitive science lattofrala through training by internationally recognized specialists, instructors have experiences that qualify.

For graduates to obtain internationally recognized certificates. Due to the large number of applicants to take advantage of these free traineeship ASEAN plan to other similar courses to accommodate the officials of graduates aspiring to learn and seeking favorable jobs fit into the competence and qualifications of scientific theory.

And the bond posted by the difficult living conditions of graduates resulting from their presence in taboralaatalin and not getting a chance to meet the demands of working life, took it upon themselves to afford these courses usually meet specialized institutes associate large amounts of that happiness of Iraqi private banks Association will not be completed until after ensuring that graduates of these courses got the opportunity to work the way you raise their standard of living and living of their families that didn't skimp on them.

To complete their college education, and empty awaiting the promised alsberngahathm in practical life. The importance of specialized training courses come offers of trainees full time for one type of cognitive specialization, lack of dispersion in miscellaneous, they lost the opportunity to gain experience in the target jurisdiction.

Global experience has shown the need for each to the refinement and training of scientific and technical developments moving forward consistently every year, but in all shhrahiana, so he became an independent note training methods and curriculum and special programs to respond to these rapid changes and developments in the structure of employment in different terms.

Given that our country desperately needs to organize such training courses for young people eager to work, as the State ghirkadrh to do the job for the known causes, the need remains for legislation requiring all companies and institutions to train new graduates, each in his specialty and customize sections and provision in the annual budgets for this purpose.

The State should also support proactive institutions in this field, and give them full attention and care is encouraged to proceed in this way.

President of the Association of private banks

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