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Gaiety in victory alhims: Iraqi Trade Bank TBI will open a branch in Mosul

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Gaiety in victory alhims: Iraqi Trade Bank TBI will open a branch in Mosul

29/7/2017 12:00 am
Baghdad/Mohamed Ismail

Detect, Chairman of the Iraqi Trade Bank TBI Faisal alhims to the Bank in connection with obtaining the approval to open a branch in Mosul, a standard period; freedom from the gaiety «ISIS».

Alhims said to» morning» to the TBI has to deliver aid to regions affected by terrorism, hoping to keep the national front issues, in cooperation with the Iraqi Central Bank.

Ambassador financial sector

He explained that the purpose of the Bank is supporting and financing the private sector, both entrepreneurs and investors, saying his eagerness to be good ambassadors of national bank financial sector in Iraq, through highly contribute to the country's economy, budget support through a base composed of 23 branches and 80 thousand client and 431 correspondent, in the Nations of the world, pointing out that the Bank is constantly evolving in accordance with State guidelines, and that strives to educate the citizen Bank with global updates in this field.

Estrangement With the national effort

Said: «that the TBI was anxious to identification with national effort through many events, most notably Newton book now to Bank on the Bank's branch in Mosul, as well as care for aesthetic activities, on the margins of the financial work, and dragged and half monthly «» deserves annual and financial front features hearts and cinematic «» and play along with discount airlines and several hotels and entering the business lounges at airports for free».

And about the branches between alhims "distributed among 7 in Baghdad and four in Kurdistan in Sulaimaniya, 2 and 2 in Erbil and others in both Ramadi and Hilla, Karbala, Basra, Najaf, Kut and 2 in Meyssan; featuring Angel work enabled him to achieve an advanced level, and profits on the rise for an annual 2 percent interest to customers.

Local currency And foreign

On the priority of dealing in dollars or Iraqi dinars, he said: «the national currency dinar, dealing with global weight gain but war and» international sanctions» weakened by,

but government action and cooperation with the Central Bank, has increased its value after 2003, rising sovereign requirements».

Financing of investment projects

Mall of the TBI investment projects, including cement factories in Baghdad, Basra and Samawa and Kurdistan webablon Mall in Baghdad and power stations, looking forward to: «bond international cooperation Iraq foreign and local banks, what gives him the opportunity to distribute revenue, according to an unconventional performance, network of relationships and consolidate payment».

There were alhims «high flexibility in the Iraqi Constitution, lawmakers in the House are serious laws supportive of banks; to move freely.

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