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Government assistance for economic partnerships with neighboring countries

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Government assistance for economic partnerships with neighboring countries

26/7/2017 12:00 am
Baghdad/Farah pumice

Coinciding with the Government's attempt to open prospects for industrial cooperation with neighboring countries, an expert who specializes in these steps, returned by the "mission."

he said industrial expert Ibrahim Al Saadi for "morning": "Iraq and after he left victorious from the battle of Mosul, became a trusted world, including neighboring countries that started racing for cooperation and open new frameworks of trade and investment dealings with him».

Nick pointed to the importance of investing these triumphs achieved by planning and leadership of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi who is also trying to convert their results (victories) on the file of the economy and reconstruction».

Industry and mining Minister Mohamed engineer Sudanese sheyaa Agency had discussed with Syrian Ambassador to Iraq stam bud file economic and industrial cooperation.

An authorized source told reporters: "peanuts wegdaan discussed bilateral relations and promote economic cooperation between the two countries, especially in the industrial field with Syrian Ambassador to the Minister of industry was invited to participate in the Damascus fair for industrial products, demonstrating his desire to share Iraq actively this show through industrial companies and display their products through the wing devoted to Iraq.

The Minister also discussed the possibility of "partnership between the Iraqi and Syrian companies, particularly if there are effective and sophisticated industrial sectors in Syria despite the political crisis and war».

Sudanese meeting considered Deputy Minister of industry, trade and mines aidro organization official Iranian master most of me is the joint cooperation and investment opportunities.

Industry Minister stressed "the need to upgrade the level of relations between Baghdad and Tehran in all fields and at all levels of political, security and economic existence many participants between the two neighboring countries," adding that

"Iraq has encountered great difficulties and challenges due to the economic crisis as a result of low oil prices stopped most proletarian industrial projects».

He noted that "the Government was able to meet these challenges and take steps by launching national competitive strategy until the year 2030 to promote the industrial sector and activate its role in supporting the national economy", asserting

"serious Iraqi side to joint ventures with Iranian side through rehabilitation and modernization, development and investment».

"Also confirmed the Ministry's readiness to receive a delegation from the Iranian side technician to view in detail the opportunities that have been asked during the meeting, with the paragraphs of the Act of the tax authority which includes tax exemption clauses in case he gets the vacation investment.

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