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"The forbidden friendship.". Kurdistan and Israel highlighted "secret" relations with the Middle East (details)

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"The forbidden friendship.". Kurdistan and Israel highlighted "secret" relations with the Middle East (details)

2017/05/13 15:35 Reports Hits: 536

Mention your site AZ buehring "American political and military research specialist since the 2003 war, relations between Israel and Kurdistan steadily though the official stance on precluding the existence of such relationships because of Baghdad's refusal to establish any formal links with Tel Aviv, an adapter as the American site" the forbidden friendship between the Kurds and Israel into one of the most mysterious and confidential relations in the Middle East.

He said the US position that "this friendship bear mutual benefits, for Israel, the call for independence of Kurds promotes regional interests, they are willing to expand their political influence and military against major adversaries in the region, Iran", adding that "over the last two years, many Israeli politicians and military officials expressed their support for the independence of Kurdistan, including former United Nations Ambassador Ron prosor, Minister of Justice and the President, and Shaked elite late Prime Minister Shimon Peres who spoke publicly in favor of Kurd official during a meeting Friday with former us President Barack Obama in June 2014, hailing what he called "democracy and de facto State" run by Kurds. "

"He said shortly after the occupation of organization ISIS for Mosul in June 2014, just days after the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the independence of Kurdistan Iraq in a speech at the annual Conference of national security studies at Tel Aviv University by saying" we support international efforts supporting the aspirations of the Kurds for independence, where they prepare them political commitment and demonstrated moderate political independence for the thief, who called several Israeli officials to laying the Foundation for further Collaboration with the new regional ally, including Israeli Parliament Member announced "Ksenia svetlova" during an interview with the magazine "Kurdish" in early 2016, she presided over what it called "the Kurdish gathering in the Israeli Parliament and who is currently working on a project involving scholarships and cooperation in the areas of sport, evolving later to include agriculture, high technology, education and unify efforts against common enemies."

Added the "site promoting Israeli influence in Kurdistan, extra dimensions, which arrived in its three major Kurdish tv networks are" Kurdistan "and" rodau "and" 24 "Kurdistan to Kurdistan Democratic Party their broadcast to interviews and various programmes on Israelis of Kurdish origins, doing election coverage by 2015, while ESPN conducted 24 Israeli television first interview with Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan region in late 2015," pointing in the context of the report to "raised by a newspaper Financial Times reports shocked many regional observers about Israel in 2015 import 77% of the total need of Kurdistan Iraq, worth an estimated $1 billion or the equivalent of one third of the total oil exports to the territory through secret deals prepaid mediated some of the largest oil trading companies in the world, despite the indignation of Washington from this deal."

Fizz your site noted that "buehring of this escalating Israeli military is cooperation from us and Canadian assets and former soldiers in what is called the" Israel Defense Forces "to the Kurdish armed groups in both Syria and Iraq, and backs propagandize urges world on what they described as "more serious work to support and strengthen the influence of Kurds in convulsive and unstable region."

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