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Press release On the occasion of the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion

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Press release
On the occasion of the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion
Council of Governors of Central Banks and Arab Monetary Institutions confirms
The importance of enhancing financial inclusion to achieve sustainable development in Arab countries
Recognizing the growing importance of access to finance and financial services in support of an investigation
Comprehensive and sustainable economic growth and the promotion of economic and financial stability, the Board of Governors of Banks
Central and Arab Monetary Institutions on the occasion of the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion corresponding to the 27th day of the month
(April) of each year, emphasizes in this context his keenness to continue to raise the issues of improving financial coverage
Access to financial services at an appropriate cost, priority and significant importance in the framework of economic policies taken
To further develop legislation, regulations and regulatory frameworks that help the Council renew this framework
Improving the spread of financial and banking services, encouraging innovation in this field, and following up the efforts to upgrade the infrastructure systems
Sound infrastructure of the financial and banking system, and promote the development of non-bank financial services.
The Arab Monetary Fund aims at contributing to raising awareness and defining the financial coverage and requirements in the countries
And related issues, policies and programs. As it is, within the framework of the United Nations
To achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030, and to achieve universal financial services for all economic institutions and groups
In the Arab world.
On this occasion, HE Abdullatif Al Jawahri, Governor of Bank Al-Maghrib, Chairman of the current session of the Board, stressed the importance
Stressing the importance of cooperation of all parties to enhance awareness in the framework of efforts to improve access to financial services,
Through relevant regional and international frameworks, institutions and groups, and deepening public-private partnerships,
To contribute to achieving universal access to financial services in Arab countries.
Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulla Al Humaidi, Director General of the Arab Monetary Fund,
The Fund is managed by the Secretariat of the Board of Governors of the Central Banks, Arab Monetary Institutions and the Regional Working Group
 The Council stressed the importance of the adoption of the resolution
Arab financial inclusion,

And its role in contributing to the development of policies and procedures related to enhancing financial coverage, and studying ways to improve
, Confirming the framework of the Arab Monetary Fund to continue with indicators of financial inclusion in the Arab region
Its efforts to support efforts to provide an environment conducive to achieving the objectives of the universality of financial services in the Arab countries.

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