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The high annual rate of net foreign investment

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1 The high annual rate of net foreign investment on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:42 am


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The high annual rate of net foreign investment

27/4/2017 12:00 am
Baghdad/follow Mostafa Hashemi

Increase the size of indirect foreign investment is a priority for both securities and financial securities Iraq market in this economic sector investment Portal is an important foreign and domestic felt being reflects local market activity.

CVM seeks to promote direct investment sector in all its aspects through increased trading on shares of private companies listed in the Bourse and 98 of the company, to keep up with the advanced world level through the application of special legislation aimed at providing opportunities for increasing circulation to non-Iraqi investors in Iraq market for securities.

The Commission stated in its report on the circulation of non-Iraqis in Iraq market for securities of non-Iraqi investors 2016 began trading in securities increasingly since 2009, particularly after the release of non-Iraqi trading help body in Iraq market for securities.

Value of trades

The report shows that average annual net foreign investment reached 246.4 billion dinars for the period from 2013 to 2016, adding that last year saw a decline in the value of non-Iraqi purchases compared to 2015. with a non-Iraqi purchases in 2016, about 53834.5 million dinars compared to non-Iraqi purchases 2015 amounting to 73200.5 million dinars, or, down 26.5 percent.

According to the report, the past year has seen a decline in the value of stock sales by non-Iraqis from the year 2015, with a non-Iraqi sales in 2016, approximately 38126.4 million dinars, with these sales amounted to 113501.7 million dinars towards the year 2015 and down 66.4 percent.

Value investing

The report drew attention to the value of net foreign investment for the year 2016 rose compared with the previous year, net foreign investment last year about 15708.1 million dinars, while net foreign investment for the year 2015 nearly 40301.2 million dinars.

Total shares

The report noted that the year 2016 rose in number of shares purchased by non-Iraqis from the previous year, adding that the number of shares purchased them last year reached 74 million and 919 000 while in 2015 approximately 72202.2 million shares.

He continued that the shares sold by non-Iraqis declined in 2016 from 2015, amounting to approximately 59413.8 million shares last year, while the number of shares sold in 2015 approximately 182286.5 million shares.

Foreign investment

NET has seen foreign investment in the year 2016, a rise in the number of shares traded on the previous year, approximately 15506 million shares, while in 2015 approximately 110084 million shares.

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