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The economic repercussions of the activation of the electronic government

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The economic repercussions of the activation of the electronic government

25/2/2017 at 12:00 am
Saad Al-Tai

E-Government application to transform business and services provided to citizens via the Internet, including works on accelerating the accomplishment of transactions, saving time, effort and money are wasted in traditional action routines that consume huge amounts of money and great time goes in complete absurdity is often compared to the digital world today.

Which calls to action to activate electronic government so as to improve the efficiency of the services provided by the Government to the citizens in all the joints of the State, working with many countries around the world.

The application of electronic government leads to getting rid of bureaucracy in government departments and review significant depletion in human and financial resources that are lost in this process and wasting time in twisting and turning in an episode of outdated procedures and required significant financial expenses in hiring large numbers of employees and expenses like buying papers and printing supplies And places for keeping stacks of papers and files and large expenses that go in th4e procedures as well as wasting their time And the fourth from their works which should be invested to sustain energy work The country.

To activate the electronic government and practically contributes to achieving these expenses and feasibility work can improve the services provided to citizens in order to achieve a positive economic impact on the State budget and on the income of the citizen in General and works to provide the country with the development of various countries in the world.

We employ technological developments in administrative work, through activation of the electronic government in all ministries and Chambers, the longer an option many benefits guaranteed strategically, including the economic aspect, so that investment in electronic government and work on the practical application as well as it serves to keep pace with developments in the era of speed and digitization and use of high-tech development in all areas of life, it also achieves great economic achievements reflected on the national economy through scientific management modern technology and you leave positive effects on economic resources management Modern, efficient and scientifically based technological basis.

The management of ministries and their services to millions of citizens, and the fortunes of the country billions, fully developed in the application of management techniques in the management of industrial and technical matters in human resource management and how to invest financial resources and raw materials possessed by the country in which the supplier is the President of the general budget and improve the efficiency of the management of the national economy in General and how to manage the country's overall resources

According to modern management developments based on accurate calculations by employing advanced digital technology and computer in all the joints of the Department.

Human resources management is also enjoyed by country in General would see significant developments and very wide by employing this technology alhadithhvi joints of e-Government will be reflected in the result on the national economy at the current stage in the future.

To activate the electronic government in all joints of State utilities must work strategically to achieve economic gains of this option as well as chisel from a huge leap by accessing modern digital communities.

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