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In agreement with the World Bank, the government established a fund to fight poverty

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In agreement with the World Bank, the government established a fund to fight poverty

1/23/2017 0:00

[rtl]BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb
empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged groups through the drivers and local and community development is the main objective of the Social Fund for Development ,which examined ways to start its activities and a workshop in
Baghdad ends the Iraqi government and the World Bank after the Cabinet approval for the establishment of this support to the economy of the Iraqi family fund.
Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords , said: "This workshop is the first box to agree on a preliminary plan of action to move forward in the creation of the Social Fund for Development, and agreed with the World Bank that this year includes capacity building and implementation of some of the activities and workshops, and that the World Bank be prepared for financial support the beginning of 2018 we get into next year 's budget allocations to the fund after the cabinet approved this
project. "

Play is activated
and he said in his speech , "said the new effort with the World Bank of the construction of the Social Fund for Development is linked to the mechanism of transformation capabilities that are made available to the fund to real development through the revitalization of operation and the elimination of unemployment and moving some small activities , " noting that the issue needs to finance the basic idea of the Fund State to take over the insurance part of the articles of this Fund through international grants and other outlets.
He said he was lifting a detailed report on the work of the Fund and the objectives of the fund to the Cabinet mechanism and discussed meticulously and a decision of the Council to adopt this fund and informed the World Bank that decision then has to discuss the mechanics of ripening, pointing to the success of this experiment in several countries , including Egypt, for example briefed the World Bank and oversaw the mechanisms of action
Keywords stressed interaction with civil society organizations in order to serve the development process praising the Baghdad Take a project sponsored by private banks , which aims to rehabilitate 20 Square in Baghdad , and the development of Al - Rashid Street and the draft peace fountain in the Taji area and places

Food security
and accept what has been accomplished during the years after 2003 and the role of the Ministry of Planning to conduct studies and surveys where he began working food survey after I mentioned international organizations and there is a problem in food security in Iraq.
Keywords pointed out that "Iraq 's cooperation with the World Bank carried out during thepast years , the socio-economic survey of the family what had been done represents aquantum leap for the development of work methodologies, pointing out the emergence of a strategy of poverty alleviation in Iraq 2010 - 2014 wrote to her acceptance and widespread implementation of some activities , not for what happened in 2014 , especially that indicators were confirms Ankhvaz poverty rate from 23 percent to 19 percent, Marja protection network development and

either head of the task Force of the World Bank , Ghassan al - Khawaja said that "several areas in Iraq suffers from poor infrastructure, economic and accompanied with the scarcity of employment opportunities and economic conditions difficult because of thewar against terrorism and the decline in oil prices and the impact on vulnerable groups in society , "pointing out that the survival of this case without immediate treatment will lead to a further lack of
" the international experience indicated that this fund could that contributes to meeting the challenges facing the community through the provision of assistance to disadvantaged groups and help them to re - structure the social and economic infrastructure construction and the introduction of temporary jobs, "and put the community scheme and port placement and supervision of the business would enhance teamwork and increase the confidence of all parties.
He noted that the program comes into the work of the World Bank in cooperation with the Iraqi government and its ministries to develop a program to improve the social and economic reality, indicating that the bank is looking forward to the program to be a turning point in the lives of the Iraqi society point.

Financial inclusion
The head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal has praised the experiment, he said: " The financial inclusion supports the objectives of the fund and enhances the Iraqi family capabilities and enable them to raise living standards and overcome the poverty line by empowering the individual and provide employment opportunities and securing financial resources for continuing after the entry into actual work field production
and service.[/rtl]

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