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Corporate social responsibility projects in Iraq

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Corporate social responsibility projects in Iraq

03/10/2016 12:00 am
Ahmed Sumaida'ie

There are several definitions of corporate social responsibility and business, different for different views, some see a reminder to companies and institutions of their responsibility and obligations to the community development work, and there's another stream that that responsibility is the responsibility of the Department's voluntary and optional, at its sole discretion.

And so I believe that the essence of social responsibility is to reconcile conflicting stakeholders (employers, shareholders, workers, employees and civil society institutions) for the protection of workers' rights or to protect the environment.

In order to achieve the desired consensus concept of social responsibility and in harmony reigned about its importance in achieving compatibility between conflicting interests.

And social responsibility concept raises the question about the extent of integration and interdependence, or the contrast between ethics and values by hand, economy, business and finance, on the other hand, stress management and its institutions in the world of business and finance and economics to consider themselves part of the society in which it operates and is not a separate entity separate from that community.

Corporate responsibility

And there is growing awareness of the importance of the social responsibility of private enterprises in Iraq rapidly and oil and gas sector is playing a leading role, especially in foreign companies contracting with the Iraqi Government.

And if we examined one of these initiatives, companies operating in Iraq in this area are the Dutch Shell won a contract to develop Majnoon oil Basra and had made the company a number of activities that fall under the framework of social responsibility, including a campaign to teach reading and writing in 2013 for women of families surrounding crazy field experiencing shortage or lack of educational institutions and training of some 250 women on writing, reading and speaking is achieved its usefulness to society?

Especially it in 2014 – 2015 developed company in Iraq a outreach program intended to educate families surrounding field on the importance of road safety which aims to reduce the risk of traffic accidents to dwell near crazy field.

And included several educational stages for children and their families and teachers through customized theatrical and simplified explanations about the importance of road safety and rules to protect children from road accidents.

Community components

And although our focus on corporate social responsibility, we would like to recognize not misunderstanding that social responsibility rests with corporate management and Social responsibility is the concept

Wider falls on the community in all its components, whether companies or private organizations or individuals or governmental or non-governmental institutions.

Rights and obligations

In addition, when it comes to corporate social responsibility, we must not forget that companies also have rights to the community that it operates as a pillar of its components, and society must guarantee and protect those rights while asking companies about their impact on society And the environment.

Oil companies are also required to implement projects more effectively in all areas of community life.

Oil production in Iraq especially that there are financial allocations for this purpose and that not only is projects Conventional.

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