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Proposals to enhance the productive capacity of national industry

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Proposals to enhance the productive capacity of national industry

26/9/2016 12:00 am

The old economic laws weaken private sector

Baghdad/Emad Emirate

Characterize the role of the private sector during the previous decades of poor participation in various economic activities, and although he tried to keep up with economic and technological developments, productivity and competitiveness, legislation and laws governing economic affairs evolved toward scalable activity, this review within the approved plans and programmes for the promotion of the private sector and to reactivate its role in increasing gross.

Regression Diagnostics

Among the causes of academic Dr Qusay Jabiri weak private sector and lack of efficiency and competitiveness, saying it came because of the circumstances in which the country has undergone over the past decades and contributed to the failure to diversify the economy and continued on until the moment at the same time, suggesting solutions that would bring the active role of the private sector in economic development.

Jabri said in interview for «morning» set of laws has been legislation contributed to scale the possibility of the private sector to perform planned role, where the private sector experienced a volatile periods ranging from the founding of the Iraqi Government.

«Since 2003, declining productive performance for very large image sector as Iraq open economically on the world where the private sector was unable to keep pace with it resulting in flooding the market with cheap imports and could not watching for his inability to gain access to technology and production equipment obsolescence resulting in many factories ceased production».

The old legislation

Continued economic academic: some legislation was released that supported private sector industrial enterprises law No 114 of 1929 which contributed to encourage investors, and in 1940 the Industrial Bank law was issued who played a key role in promoting industrial movement in the country, in 1958, came the ideas of a big role in the marginalization of the private sector, arguing that the Government had then exploited a year 1964 by nationalizing most big businesses and the private sector has limited to small industries.

The role of trade

Jabri said: since the mid-1970s, the Department of Commerce began competing merchants who found an alternative business Suitable for high risk industrial activities when the Ministry took the grain and food trade monopolized import.

Referring to the special business volume shrank during the 1980s, and then the Government tried to revitalize the private sector by privatizing certain projects in 1987 and law No 46 of 1988 and 1989 trade law.

And go on to say: However, economic growth in Iraq depended on oil prices increased the dominance of the public sector to economic activity. Proposed amendment procedures and Gabri need to revisit them being failed to encourage the private sector to enter large investments because they have dedicated mistrust between business and Government policies towards their investments, and failed government policies in the 1990s to revitalize the private sector being was under the weight of economic sanctions, and called for the speedy issuance of producer and consumer protection laws, pointing to the need for coordination between the Ministry of industry and minerals, among other ministries in the marketing and delivery companies to market and distribute it among the provinces.

Academic drew to the need to resolve the problem of marketing the product through national review financial allocations for marketing and expertise responsible for marketing and increase marketing outlets, noting that all these matters can be resolved and overcome in order to save the national product and restore confidence to consumers of national production.

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