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Gas Export beginning of the real diversity of financial resources

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Gas Export beginning of the real diversity of financial resources

8/31/2016 0:00

[rtl]Amid calls to activate the investment to increase its production
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb
continue exporting gas condensate liquid, a new port of the multiplicity of fiscal revenue, particularly because it coincides with major efforts to invest gas in southern Iraq, after thecargo export of gas condensate , which began long ago to enter towards a genuine multiplicity of resources and the relatively speaking, it is a rapidly growing and contributing to maximize the financial resources of the country.
activate investments and
economic member of the Baghdad forum Jassim Al Aradi said that the entry of Iraq 'sexport of gas condensate and continuity stage marks the success of the oil ministry 'sefforts to revitalize its investment in more than a detailed and thus achieve the multiplicity of actual revenue in light of the effects of the financial crisis in Iraq 's budget. Stressing the importance of the trend towards activating the investment in the field of gas , whether free gas fields or accompanying, pointing to the importance of work on the training specialized in the field of gas industry competencies, noting the importance of theestablishment of training centers under the supervision of international experts. Large reserves , Iraq is one of the countries that have large reserves of it but economic policies that were regulated economy prevented invest this wealth. he was Director General of the Basra gas company Simon Damen and Lamaze had told »Sabah»: the work is being undermined challenges to exploit the abundant natural gas volumes in Basra province and transferred to the energies of vital maximize resource utilization and contribute to improving the lives of current and future generations alike, returned the company 'sbusiness is part of a larger project to reduce gas flaring in the world, but Asthsna gas from wells and convert it into electrical energy light up the homes of Iraqis require close cooperation among all. competent in economic affairs Inas al - Zubaidi said: that the reality of the Iraqi economy requires increased efforts to complete the stages of thepromotion of investment and employ gas revenues to service the productive sectors that achieve sustainable development of the country. He noted that the international reports I pointed out that Iraq is losing more than $ 10 billion annually as a result of gas flaring.She had Oil Ministry announced yesterday for the first exported the first shipment of liquid gas to world markets via the port of Umm Qasr and the amount of estimated «2000» tons of associated gas , which is in line with the ministry 's plans to expand domestic production.[/rtl]

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