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Launch of private benefits today.

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1 Launch of private benefits today. on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:10 pm


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Launch of private benefits today.

15/8/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi

Explore the private sector and representatives of competent ministries and Central Bank launch mechanisms private sector benefits through government bonds which disbursed the first meal on Monday include 100 title on that meals 40% of the value of the project.

Economic Affairs specialist said Adham alvenhar during an economic workshop dealt with private payments mechanisms: the rights of contractors should fully cover the labour market moves in Iraq, pointing out that the delay has led to a great loss to the country and human competencies acquired considerable experience over the past years and is set up in various countries of the world.

Consecutive meals

Either Dr Mahmoud Mohamed, Director General at the CBI stressed that Government bond issuance for private benefits afforded the first meal of the day to contractors as cash to each ministry projects periodically, pointing out that the first meal includes (100) prop there is continuous meals through the Central Bank announces.

Either the prime consultant Hasani Kaze has pointed out in his speech that the disbursement of 40% of the value of projects linked to the federal budget, they identified five trillions of bonds and the benefit is calculated and allocated 50% to contractors and 50% for farmers, pointing to allocate 10 percent of the 50 percent of the projects completed by 90 percent, or service projects such as hospitals and sewage projects.

He noted that 60 percent of private-sector benefits will be discussed in next year's budget.

Accelerate development

Hasani said that the success of the private sector means the Government's success, it must be enabled and make it able to manage various economic activities, emphasizing identifying true representatives of this important sector and that there is a consensus on these, noting that Prime Minister stresses partnership in all economic commissions for everyone present to produce results to accelerate the process of economic development.

Surprise visits

Hasani recalled that a specialized medical teams organized surprise visits to projects, randomly and included in the lists of companies owed to bond to stand on the fact that these projects and the completion rates And relevance.

While my soul araji said: any amount you get companies contribute to moving the work, stating that 40% of the value of the project will be directed at projects and this leads to create jobs and move to turn and raise capital demand in the markets, pointing to the need to get full benefits of entrepreneurs to bring life to the various economic activities.

Dr drew Fadhil Abdul-Shaheed Messaoudi Babylon contractors Union Chairman the importance of clarifying visions and stand up when the real problems that bedevil implementation, stressing that the presence of official and private sector table contributes to bypass a lot of working parameters.

He was Undersecretary of the Ministry of construction and housing and municipalities on corporate benefits: the problems more complex problems of public companies, private companies, they saddled with salary and commitments with secondary contractors who are from the private sector either Alei about reconstruction pointed out the importance of promoting entrepreneurship and chose wetahilha competencies, pointing out that there is a great cooperation between the private sector and ministries, for determining which projects must possess elements covered by bonds and payment.

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