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Electronic currency, prevent tampering with the collection of funds

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Electronic currency, prevent tampering with the collection of funds

31/7/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi

Adoption of advanced technology in financial payments to citizens "check the country's big economic feasibility through bypassed all tampering and corruption that could accompany a different public services revenue, and successful international experiences to address the economic problems of the gate must be developmental regression suffered by Iraq and finds specialists that electronic currency is one of the gates of reform to be adopted in the operations collection.

Iraqi National Business Council President Daud Abdul ROAR stressed that advanced technology in large revenues revenue operations to Iraq by issuing electronic money «electronic dinar», stating that if the internal State revenues are estimated at 15 billion dinars in taxes and levies instructs Finance Ministry printed 15 billion dinars Email.

The electronic currency poses every four months from the first month in the year and uses electronic dinar in levies and payment is used in various levies fines, electricity, water, taxes, real estate registration.

Million dollars

He said: "I see the value of this State-sponsored $1 million system achieves large cost, and put the first meal in the first four months of the year are thrown a specific amount of currency during the period when the shortfall amount allocated is thrown four more months of the year but work in, so that electronic money has a beginning and not an end it» Guaranteed».

He noted that this currency can be displayed before a traded months and here awalmstvid citizen can be purchased at a discount and sell them without deduction during the period traded here have achieved great benefit as it achieves economic feasibility when transferred funds from the banking system compactness can employ these funds in the labour market and move the various economic activities stalled because of lack of credit in The banks.

He noted that the State could intervene and help move money stashed away to the banking system, the electronic currency operates a sophisticated system pays amounts and prevents all the trails of corruption and bureaucracy and depends in most countries of the world, indicating the importance of a Government decision to release and that big gains for State revenue without pressure on citizens to ensure complete delivery to the State Treasury only levies.

Economic growth

He stressed the importance of benefiting from the successful experiences in addressing our economic problems where over much of the State as conditions affecting our country and managed to overcome and achieve economic growth, which leads us to work very hard to extricate Iraq from the painful reality.

Customs entry and demanded the ROAR that sophisticated systems in customs clearance and bypass traditional systems currently supported and which confuse the reality of work interspersed with manipulation of the customs value.

He stressed that in all the world there is a barcode system which includes sequential numbers represent symbols of specific industry and country of origin where they can learn the material manufacturer and its source through this system, when the arrival of manufactured articles worldwide Customs met is supported ports depending on non-barcode For manipulation.

The Iraqi National Business Council proposed increasing fees for import permits and coding under barcode types of imported goods and customs and tax fees directly and can be done by private sector companies are prior clearance Payment.

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