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Efficient resource management and speed up development work

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Efficient resource management and speed up development work

26/7/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad. Emad Emirate

The academic said d. Lawrence Yahya Saleh from the Faculty of management and Economics at the University of Baghdad that individuals play a double role in economic development, being the beneficiary of this process, they also have one of the basic inputs, noting that efficient management and speed up the development process work.

Saleh, in an interview forĀ» morningĀ» economic theory has focused on quantitative and qualitative aspect neglected aspect of the work item, assumed to work smoothly and simply defined as the number of workers and days of work, the economic literature since the last three decades of the last century began using new conventions when dealing with work item such as human resources or capital Tidings.

And the role and importance of the qualitative aspects of the human element through the accelerated technological progress imposed competition between companies and States, since this development is no longer synonymous with population size to provide low-cost and skilled labour, it may be a large population size yet skilled work rare and high cost, and then becomes the population size is not a competitive advantage for the country but a burden.

And pointed to increased spending on training and development of unprecedented cadres, becoming spending allocations on manpower training in productive branches than is devoted to means of production.

He stressed that management and skilled work and productivity, become important elements of creating competitive advantage far outweigh availability feature production in preliminary form, especially after the global trend of rationalization of productive inputs and find cheap alternatives, from primary resources and get the important element in the production process became as rates don't constitute only 20 percent of production costs, for example, statistics show that Japan used 1984 about 60 percent of raw materials used in 1973.

Not a product of the same quantity of industrial products, so no longer natural materials have the same importance in the cost of production.

Speaking noted that China did not count in the reform process on the abundant work for her, but had since reform has to take all the parameters that contribute to creating a competitive advantage and the development of the country by developing working rules and administration and research and development, infrastructure and other parameters, and therefore the competitive advantage and vendor gift is no longer sufficient to strengthen competitiveness and then developing country for human resources and natural resources, capital resources and social capital and knowledge capital and other Determinants.

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