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Directing Customs.....

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Directing Customs

Author: Yasser incumbent

7/24/2016 0:00

Cabinet embarked on important economic reforms , it is the first of its activity where he addressed the administrative reform for some of a financial nature institutions as an indicator of the direct intention of institutional building sober , which is the backbone of economic reforms.
Council of Ministers has recently recognized the need to establish joint ventures to bring out the customs to regulate the movement of import chaotic and exports , which will also contribute to reform trade policy in the country and is one of reform that leads to the institution - building requirements , as I said.

the resolution »to limit the import and export of materials and cargo operations as well as the movement of funds in foreign currency companies collectively registered in the Registrar of companies Department of Mnhaaajazat import as well as the establishment of joint ventures shall import operations and export.

The aim of this decision to regulate the import and export and output customs random operations and restrict legal institutions directly responsible in front of tax departments and departments regulators.

In addition to targeted institutional organization , it would limit the tax evasion operations will be subject to the tax charge for the fact that records companies reveal in front of the tax authorities, as well as regulators are any corporate solidarity does not assume future tax irregularities from the legal responsibility of being officially registered and licensed.

Among the benefits of this decision he came to contribute to maximizing the financial resources and diversifying to support the general budget and you can imagine the size of revenues compared Aharkhalastiardih size in the country in addition to the possibility determined according to actual needs and reduce indiscriminate import , who will face legal obstacle will also contribute to the reduction of the demand for foreign currency.

Eight this decision will resolve the problem for as long as the state and operated devices relating to the judiciary and of falsifying documents and inventory credits and who was responsible for when they occur which companies to be subject to periodic monitoring and annual Atzar which of those records violation.

It is noteworthy that the resolution gave for 4 months of the founding of companies allowing Maaqbin and customs brokers the opportunity to heal and the establishment of joint - stock companies with each other , and that the decision will not be penalized any person and prevents him from exercising import and export process provided that through joint venture and not individual people.

We find this decision a careful approach to start reforms , administrative, economic, and adequate opportunity to establish these companies and this is the first Ghaith reforms will come successively..................http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=120146

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