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«Made in Iraq» overcome challenges

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1 «Made in Iraq» overcome challenges on Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:00 am


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«Made in Iraq» overcome challenges

23/6/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad – joy of pumice.

Faced with a campaign «made in Iraq» big challenges foremost dumping of imported commodities in the domestic market, despite the aspirations and movements to make it successful, somewhat conditional optimism by experts who'd hocked everything but goals to work seriously and educate citizens.

Economic Forum Member believes Baghdad Dr Ikram Abdel Aziz that Iraq campaign "made in» good but need genuine activation with private sector involvement all branches and industrial support and facilitate its work, especially since he faces obstacles to recover for a local product compares.

The statement referred to» morning» that commodities and imported goods entering the country are of various origins, but it is of poor quality, but very appropriate prices to citizens what hinders creation of ideal industrial environment.

The Ministry of industry was launched in August last year (in Iraq) after the preparation of a comprehensive plan to invest affiliate marketing and other factories aimed at selling products of subsidiaries.

True will

Either in the industrial development and investment Amer Issa jeweller has stressed the importance of the citizen's role in achieving the desired economic reform by the Government through cooperation and coordination with the private sector and buy local products, pointing out that the campaign «made in Iraq» seeks to overcome all the challenges faced by a real will by the Government and private sector to rotate the wheel production.

The figures show that Iraq lost nearly 321 billion dollars in import an average of 57 percent of oil imports coming into the country over the past years, if local industry promotion, most of these funds invest nationally provides billions of dollars.

Consumer protection

In turn, Thamer Azzawi told the expert of «morning» timely campaign synchronized with government action to protect the consumer, after application of the customs tariff and laws limiting commodity dumping.

But Azzawi said however that these stakeholders, with rushing on industrial loans and rehabilitation of laboratories and factories and ask each to invest or interoperability.

Merging companies

The Ministry of industry and minerals has recently floated 25 affiliated laboratory as investment opportunities within the various disciplines and the be distributed among a number of provinces.

It is said that the ownership of those plants the be distributed among a number of provinces to companies which announced completion of combined during the last month, after 32 76 A company.

And most of those companies and factories stopped production because of looting and vandalism experienced by a dictatorial regime in 2003, as well as the discarded before that date by order annihilated, she began gradually returning to work, though not to the level

He was Director of investments at the Ministry of industry Amer Abdul Razzaq has explained in previous statement» morning», that the plants posed as investment opportunities, including the great facilities.

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