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Abbadi: change the departments for banking reform coincided with the launch of wider lending process

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Abbadi: change the departments for banking reform coincided with the launch of wider lending process

Abbadi: change the departments for banking reform coincided with the launch of wider lending process

News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
June 11, 2016, 4:03 pm
Number of readers: 20.

The Premier said Haidar Abadi, Saturday, that "decisions to change the banking departments emphasizes a curriculum reform in the banking sector in conjunction with the launch of a broader process of lending".

Ibadi said in a statement, a copy of underground News Agency received the diwani command issued the Cabinet came to confirm the curriculum reform in moving the wheel work in the banking sector, in conjunction with the launch of wider lending to industrial and agricultural and residential projects in the private sector, where advanced and transparent methods are based on the methodology of presentation and electronic tracking, and not according to the usual bureaucratic methods."

He said that "none of those who were assigned to banks now their banker at least thirteen years, biographies, careers, support the process of nomination of the selected sites, the fact that some experience in non-government banks, reflecting the traditional self deplorable performance in the non-State sector."

However, he was given the political and technical locations quotas and for years condoned Stara administrative questions in basic qualifications to justify his important and sensitive sites, and successive attacks directed against high-calibre recruits are now offering substitute mess sharecropping, but understood the insistence on obstructing traffic in the direction of reform, and override sharing positions, more than intended Salah State and its institutions."

"What raised the exemption mechanism, recruitment, implementation is linked to Prime Minister procedures is sovereignty issue certainly warrants of appointment and commissioning, as well as processing of pardon from their posts according to the laws and regulations in force."

And "the thrills, whether intentional or automatic, despite superficial perception of the State and its role and powers, they will reform but determined to proceed without hesitation, hoping for greater understanding and support of all loyal to our beloved country."

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi byes last Tuesday, six state banks and managers appointed new managers in both the commercial bank and Rafidain and Rashid banks and Mortgage Bank and Industrial Bank and the agricultural Bank.

The statement attributed the decision to "revitalize the banking sector and move the national strategy for revitalizing the economy and creating jobs and implementing launch loans for industrial, residential and commercial projects to the best format and according to the plans of the Government."

For his part, Finance Minister Zebari counting resolution Abadi, as "tainted by legal and administrative disadvantages being the prerogative of the Minister of finance.

Zibari noted in a formal letter to the "receipt of the names of Directors [hamdiya Mahmoud Farag, Kazim Mohammed nashor, Mohamed Abdelwahab abdulqader] it divani in question are entitled to permanent staffing jobs General Manager [originality], and did not contain reasons to exonerate general managers and not at the request of the Minister or to nominate replacements by this Ministry."

The "contained within the concerned some banks management names them [Faisal medal reviver alhmis], he didn't hold any government job and not set in accordance with the civil service law, and [Bilal Sabah Hussein Hamdani], and [Nice Hazem Mohammed Ali, and shelving supporter Bashir iron] are held in Iraqi bank formula for trade and are not permanent owners cannot legally accept induction in this Ministry.

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