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General stability depends on reform will

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1General stability depends on reform will Empty General stability depends on reform will on Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:27 am


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General stability depends on reform will

08/6/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Academic Essam said economic stabilization possibility almhaoili General in Iraq as achieved in countries that have experienced conflicts in the last two decades of the last century and now seeing good economic conditions.

Global coordination

Almhaoili said in the interview for» morning» economic stabilization is through the actions of those States and the request of the Government of the United Nations and its funds earmarked for reconstruction, as well as major international institutions to provide direct support for stability which will be reflected on the economic conditions of Iraq.

He noted the importance of benefiting from the experiences of Asian and African and European countries and quote those experiences and apply them in accordance with the current country conditions.

He added that Iraq possesses all the qualifications that enable him to m frontage economic challenges but-by almhaoili-suffering major weakness in the management of natural and human resources that are not owned by any country in the world.


Almhaoili said that the United Nations and international financial institutions have full and ready to make stability but refrain from initiative without a formal request or Government to do these steps in real and meaningful reform that will achieve significant economic revival of Iraq which in turn will be able to meet all its obligations and liabilities.

The lack of will or weaknesses with regard to the application of the reform programs, including activating the role of the private sector in all areas of production, was his most prominent role in the spread of unemployment among young people, who in turn facilitated the way for many asylum to join armed groups and thus its impact on their investment in the reconstruction of Iraq.

Develop capacity

Called almhaoili, to accelerate the approach the United Nations, which has a large number of training programmes in youth development and employment as a first step towards achieving stability through ad hoc Office for project services in the areas of peace-building, development and humanitarian projects around the world.

He stressed the importance of having the official enjoys direct supervised independence amounts allocated for reconstruction and spending in the correct destinations away from personal use through corruption and nepotism.

Unifying visions

Almhaoili felt that all these things cannot be achieved unless we unite the visions of the country's economic profile managers as preparations to start the success of stability must be completed of all administrative, technical and financial aspects and coordinating the efforts of the ministries in this direction to achieve overall economic development goals, pointing out that all these efforts would result to the merger of Iraq with the international economy.

Repair development

The planning Ministry last Thursday launched the programme «development reform» depending on the management development programme developer IDMS and updated contracts system in cooperation with USAID (project thread).

Planning Minister Dr Salman jumaili: to «liberate Fallujah would have a significant economic impact on Iraq».

He added that the country's sensitive circumstances require the Government to address the developmental realities, needs a strong political will to correct the wrong paths, to improve performance and provide the best services to sophisticated systems, stressing that «the Ministry of planning was able to accomplish the management development programme with Iraq to pursue projects and monitoring indicators have».

Jumaili stressed that «the project done in collaboration with the project (thread) of USAID, will be integrated with statistical indicators to enable us to draw up development plans.

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