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A workshop to discuss attracting investment in securities

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A workshop to discuss attracting investment in securities

10/5/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Running Iraq market for securities early preparations for a workshop to discuss opportunities for attracting investment in securities in the 23rd of July.

A market source said in a statement For «morning» workshop will be held under the theme "the role of corporate governance rules and disclosure in attract and stimulate investment and trading securities,

scheduled to testify the presence and interaction of a number of sectoral authorities, academics, economists and specialists in Iraqi universities, besides economic organizations and interested in Economic Affairs, especially after a formal invitation to them.

The workshop comes within Iraq market plan for securities investment culture and attractions for him, explaining that the workshop will discuss the first axes looking importance of corporate governance rules and their role in attracting investment securities, adding that the second annual corporate disclosure indicators will be discussed.

And Iraq stock exchange market was organized in twenty-third of April a workshop under the title «the role of electronic trading and rules of Iraq market for securities in investment promotion».

The workshop made several recommendations stressed the importance of activating the role of corporate governance by all relevant actors listed companies and safeguard the rights of small investors, and the importance of activating the supervisory role of the market and not to be the recipient of irregularities but the initiator of disclosure do not allow replication, as well as to increase the transparency of market indicators to reflect the real situation of the steep price and size precisely to daily market indicator.

The recommendations called for action to stop allowing brokerage firms to invest 65 percent of its capital in Iraq market for securities and identify broker buying and selling to investors exclusively, and grant financial investment companies the possibility of traded stock portfolios administered directly through leave limited trading fees are reasonable and acceptable vacation.

It showed the need to reconsider the contribution of foreign investor in listed companies and should not remain open without any selection as is done in neighboring States money markets at the same time, heightened the need to amend the law to allow companies to buy their shares listed on the market covered by accumulated surplus or financing them and then sell them when conditions improved note that it exists in several States.

It showed that this method contribute to raise prices and give confidence to investors and deflate in some corporate capital.

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