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Investment need integrated strategies

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1 Investment need integrated strategies on Sun May 08, 2016 3:01 am


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Investment need integrated strategies

08/5/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad-Saha Al shaikhli

Economic expert drew Dr Akram Abdel Aziz the need walstratigiat and visions drawing policies that support the development of the Iraqi economy routes to serve the country and especially in this circumstance the low economic level after falling oil prices.


Abdul Aziz described the investment as a fundamental pillar and support of the Iraqi economy and tracks sectoral diversity and economic and security situation was unstable but important corner walmo'thrho how banks play an important role in stimulating investment and success.

Lagging investment attributed to several reasons including the security envelope and attacks on the country by «aldwaash} which created sizes run in the sphere of investment, but Dr says: there are other illuminated aspects about it that some provinces have experienced some success and investment opportunities in Baghdad at least important projects Draft approaching reality.

The role of banks

Abdulaziz draws that banks played a significant role in the success of investing is to headline and services provided to the beneficiary and wider is a catalyst for attracting investment company and can assure continued her activity in the clerical capital and the services they can provide in all aspects as well as loans that it needs Domestic and foreign investors.

She explained the importance of this aspect of the expansion and private sector activity, investors looked to Bank base of sophisticated systems and sound possible handle across environments using modern technology and banking security systems protect customer service opening credits in accordance with international norms which in turn generate customer confidence in the Bank through those services that live up to the ranks of developed nations that if we took into consideration.

Abdul Aziz suggests that there is another theme has an urgent need to develop and restructure the banking sector to ensure fast delivery services and facts Explains that the Iraqi banking density indicates one bank for every 46 thousand and 632 people compared to Standard Bank global density of one bank for every 10 000 inhabitants, and that in itself means hesitant services and routine and can be dragged into obstructionism at work and then by corruption and others,

That absence chock to support the banking system to promote investment and develop the need for more effective and insurance companies need insurance on deposits and loans and poor services offered by banks and this the put is very important.

A Development Fund

And confirmed the need for a development bank or investment fund as needed to expand the single window investment bodies give The powers of delegates and limit government lands with her hand for government projects to simplify investment supporting the work and puts it at the disposal of the entrusted project alastthmarbadarh Act and national investment.

The single window is a circle track NIC and is the entrance to the investor when you apply to work that through everything concerning the request for investment and works with representatives of all the Ministry's powers have simplified procedures.

Abdel Aziz concluded her talk that the presence of economic and legal environment harmonious and interdependent to simplify all of these actions are the foundations for building a successful investment Foundation.

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