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Abadi proposal to demand the formation of an international coalition against corruption to reveal the assets and accounts of officials

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Chairman of the mass change parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah suggested on Sunday the prime minister Haider al-Abadi call on the international community to form a new coalition to fight financial corruption in Iraq through the disclosure of accounts and balances Iraqi officials and political families in the federal governments and the Kurdistan Regional Government in banks in the world.
He said in a descriptive statement , that "in light of the financial crisis plaguing Iraq today, voices rising demand disclosure of the reasons for financial crisis in the rich oil riches country, Fajtvae country's wealth means having influential people smuggled public money to foreign banks", noting that "the Iraqi people wondering today about the fate of the oil revenues, which have been exported during the previous years, at a time when incurred debt estimated at more than $ 30 billion to the federal government and more than $ 20 billion on the government of the Kurdistan region.
"He added that" corruption today is threatening the Iraqi state at heart, It has become more dangerous than Daash and terrorism, and as long as the demonstrators demanded religious authorities government to put an end to corruption and to find financial solutions to the crisis, but we have not touched serious measures in this regard, did not provide the government only prosthesis solutions include reducing with the salaries of the lower grades, retirees and employees of ordinary people who pay today's price crisis caused by corrupt officials.
"He said Abdullah that" therefore propose that the government call on the international community to form a new coalition to fight corruption in Iraq, according to a mechanism include the prosecution of money smuggled abroad and disclosure of accounts and balances officials and political families in the federal governments and the KRG since 2003 until today in the banks in the world, and to disclose any real estate or companies or funds belonging to Iraqi officials in the outside of the President of the Republic to the degree of general manager or returning to their wives and their relatives.
"and the head of the mass change that" the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives and the Integrity Commission and the Committee of the Parliamentary Integrity adoption this proposal and address the international community in this regard as soon as possible, and if the international coalition is serious in maintaining the interest of Iraq, it has to take practical steps in this regard to help restore the Iraqi people stolen by corrupt money, "calling on the parliamentary blocs and demonstrators and the media to" pursue this direction because it represents the only way out of the current crisis.
"Iraqi Prime Minister announced on Saturday that the current year will be the year the elimination of financial and administrative corruption rampant in the state institutions and departments.
Ebadi said in a speech during the ceremony hosted by the Ministry of the Interior on the occasion of the 94 anniversary of the Iraqi police establishment , "It was announced that 2016 years to eliminate corruption and start from the Ministry of Interior."

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