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Customs tariff paid traders Basra to import from Kurdistan by

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Customs tariff paid traders Basra to import from Kurdistan by


(Independent) / Nariman al-Maliki / .. ills traders Besrion asylum to Kurdistan in order to import their goods to the presence of many facilities for traders the most important non-application of the customs tariff in its outlets

And between one of the merchants in a statement to the (independent) that "the customs tariff on most imported materials from border crossings in the province of Basra application made traders think to move to the region in order to import goods," surprising "the implementation of the customs tariff decision on Basra limits outlets subregion outlets ".

He pointed out that "the inclusion of the food leads to higher prices to three-fold the current and harm the citizens."

The customs tariff taxes imposed on goods imported from other countries where they are used several customs tariff countries to protect the industry from foreign competition and by raising the prices of imported goods, in order to encourage local industries to increase production, and forced citizens to pay higher prices if they wish to imported goods, Iraq is a supplier of consumer goods imported for ease of access for all strata of society, especially people with low and middle-income.

He said one trader said, "the difference in the paint on goods between the southern ports and ports vast region is very large, which made us resort to import through those ports."

And between in Example beat him that "kilo gold if we assume imported through the south ports After pricing is taken to draw nearly 12 million Iraqi dinars if imported from outlets province, the amount of the fee up to a hundred US dollars," stressing "the unwillingness of the merchant to pay all This difference in the southern ports "

He pointed to the parking Basra Governorate Council against the decision and work to stop three times, but that did not help because the work is still tariff applied to too many materials. "

With the Basra Governorate Council rejected the words of its president morning Albzona application of the new tariff in the province without the rest of the cities of Iraq, also called on the government to reconsider the law and not to raise exceptions to some basic materials, which have a direct contact to the needs of the citizen President, speaking about the lifting of tariffs on some food and construction of 3% in the old law to 20%, which may cause a significant rise in the prices of such simple materials borne by the consumer.

Between the head of the border crossing points in the Basra Governorate Council Morteza lipodeca in a statement to the (independent) that "the reason for asylum traders suppliers of goods to the Kurdistan region of customs facilities carried out by the province for all traders as well as the suffering of the suppliers of customs in the southern ports problems."

Morteza lipodeca
Morteza lipodeca
He pointed out that "the most important problems are summarized to pay tax twice, including one of the ports and the other for the provincial council," stressing that there are undeclared taxes for some powerful and some security checkpoints in addition to having difficulty in clearances of customs in Basra ports and the South in general, contrary to what is found in the region outlets. "

Lipodeca confirmed that "the administrative bureaucracy in a large south outlets to put pressure on the dealer to push for the passage of undeclared his goods," noting that "these actions constitute an obstacle to the suppliers."

He stressed "the need to resolve those problems and standardization of tax procedures and accounting of the extra taxes imposed on the merchant."

And includes the province of Basra, five commercial ports, is the stronghold, and mother of the Northern Palace, mother of the Southern Palace, and Khor Al-Zubair, Abu Flus, also features an international airport receives daily aircraft to transport passengers and goods, and to maintain configuration in Hdodian Brian, two Shalamcheh port with Iran, and the port Safwan with Kuwait.

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