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Within the series of corruption in Iraq, "Sky Press" open economic bodies of the parties files

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Within the series of corruption in Iraq, "Sky Press" open economic bodies of the parties files


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Private
After a traumatic experience lived by political forces and parties in Iraq under the former regime and characterized by repression, terrorism and usurpation freedoms, and the exposure of their leaders to the playoffs, assassinations, torture and trance in the cellars of prisons and detention centers terrible, we find that its committees and economic bodies are controlled economy and projects and most followers of Ministers for blocks Islamist They "are not helpless."

As part of the series of corruption in Iraq was for "Sky Press" pause to detect the file of the parties and economic bodies in the light of "paralysis" by the elimination of the fiscal deficit witnessed by Iraq.
Lebanese businessman (m, g), he "talked sought for more than two years for a contract from the Ministry of belonging to an Islamist party but to no avail," adding, "it was providing all the papers legal, financial and efficiency of the quality and property states and international companies sober."

He (m, g) for "Sky Press," "One Iraqi traders suggested to go to the ministry's economic body, I went to the President of the Commission were to conclude contracts for less than two weeks without my question on the quality and efficiency".
For his part, the Iraqi trader (m, g) for "Sky Press," that "went subsidiary of one of the parties of the Economic Commission and agreed with them to maintain the proportion of each member of the Committee in the deal," noting that "the party's rights and mass always reserved as it has been completed It's signed ".

She Western reports that "the committees in dominating the political scene parties, one of the contracted final and that the ministry and the minister is the only image," asserting that "the reason for not entering the solid companies and global to Iraq is the brokerage and the payment of large sums of money for the execution of contracts and processing to reach from the hands of committees to Contractors on the street paving contractors and hygiene in the Municipality of Baghdad. "

In the same context the legal Abdullah al-Husseini confirmed for "Sky Press," that "these committees is a breach of the law, in addition to the lack of study of its members the rules and conditions of contracts brought the country into these contracts poor", adding that "many of the traders and Arab businessmen and even foreigners frequent the bodies and brought calls for tourism and treatment to the members of the committees and their families out of Iraq to be agreements Abaidh from the eyes of observers. "

Said one of the heads of these committees for "Sky Press," "The presence of such a legal case which is part of the party structure and block the main source of financing for being without these bodies can not hold any party and our share of this election."

The frontrunners parties, the political landscape has economic commissions linked to the President and his deputy and members strong relationships, in addition to the possession of a military force in case it is needed in the case of disobeying orders.

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