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Calls for coupling the US pledge deeds

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1 Calls for coupling the US pledge deeds on Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:28 am



Calls for coupling the US pledge deeds

11/23/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
select members of the House of Representatives role should the United States play in helping Iraq in the war being waged against "Daash" gangs of terrorism, while calling for Washington to supply Iraq with sophisticated weapons that have already Iraqi government contracted out, including the F16 aircraft .
The description of the security and defense committee parliamentary member Majid Ghraoui US President Barack Obama's recent statements in which pledged to provide support for Iraq and the destruction of "Daash" gangs and terrorist earn her opponents in Iraq, Syria, and follow up the reasons for their appearance, as a "pre-emptive repercussions are meant to win the votes of the American public in favor of his party." .
warned Gharrawi, in an interview for the "morning", to rely on the United States, noting that it "is not serious in its war against terrorism, even if it is serious, it could put pressure on the supporting countries and accelerate supplying Iraq with weapons more effective and sophisticated."
He said a member of the Commission on Security and Defense "The Americans are able to provide Iraq with information about the movement of military convoys that come from the Syrian Raqqa city towards the west of Anbar and Mosul," adding that "Iraq is now looking for a real and serious work of the United States and clear support to Iraqi forces fighting in the war against organizations Daash criminal.
"The US president has vowed, on Sunday, destroying Daash gangs of terror," stressing "the need to earn her opponents in Iraq, Syria, and follow up the causes of their appearance."
He said Obama "will destroy the organization Daash and must get to the root of the issue appearing in Iraq and Syria," noting "There are a fraction of the extremists in the Muslim communities must be eradicated Some of the bad guys got conventional weapons and killed many people, but we can Ndhr those terrorist networks and we must pay attention to, and we take the work seriously and get to the root of the matter in Iraq and Syria."
He noted Obama "We are talking about rules of engagement and how to target Daash leaders and infrastructure and their plans and temper of casualties among civilians and this is a legitimate concern in any military campaign, and if not let's not to those already Fsnhmh and must win their hearts and minds and win them over to expel and defeat Daash.
"In turn, counting the chairman of the Human Rights Commission Arshad Salhi provide support Iraq in fighter Daash of positive things, calling on European countries not to put her head in the sand because Daash if the expansion will reach them and recent events in the French capital, the best proof of what has already warned us of it.
Salhi said, in a statement the "morning" that "States USA obligated to support Iraqi factions that were damaged from Daash which began Turkmen in Tal Afar, Yazidis and Christians and then committed a crime Spyker and kill the Sunni tribes.
"He said Salhi that" the media statements by officials in the United States from time to time about supporting Iraq to get rid of Daash must that include all the components of Iraq that violated the rights of brutal terrorism takfiri ", on condition that includes arming the security forces of US equipment to allocate a portion of which the Iraqi components so that the ground does not turn out after the liberation of Daash, from a component to another under the pretext of keeping the ground."
While invited member of the Committee and defense Nayef al-Shammari the United States to seriously and effectively the largest in support of Iraq through the activation of contracts concluded by the Ministry of Defense with the US side and complete the deal f16 aircraft contracts for security.
"Shammari said, in an interview for the" morning "that" support Iraq and its security forces must be through the provision of advanced weapons quality able to fight Daash strongly repel or detect bombs wheels as well as the need for commitment to the security agreement and implement sorties to prepare more effective, "pointing out that" US support often recently in the media have not nowhere to be found on the ground. " .

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