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Iraq and Egypt commissioned the drafting of the Convention to Combat Terrorism

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Iraq and Egypt commissioned the drafting of the Convention to Combat Terrorism


11/23/2015 0:00

Cairo - Isra Khalifa
Arab Justice Ministers Council commissioned Iraq and Egypt drafted the Arab Convention for the fight against terrorism within the binding agreement and set a time limit for their implementation and follow-up by the technical office of the Arab League.
This came through the participation of Iraq represented by the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili, at a meeting of the Executive Office and the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice which was held in Cairo Majara.oukal Zamili in an exclusive interview with «morning»: The «Iraq found a complete response from all Arab countries for support in the fight against terrorism and eliminate it», indicating that «this response came after realizing everyone that terrorism is not aimed at Iraq and Syria only but all the countries of the region and the world, and that Iraq is fighting on behalf of all countries of the world. »the financing of terrorism and added that« this fact were not concrete than before despite Iraq warning them, but now it has become reality if after the attacks that have taken place in Egypt, France, Lebanon, Mali, as it ascertains everyone that terrorism is not a custom in Iraq or Syria, but they base off of them around the world, whether by thought or implement terrorist operations ». The Minister, that« the threat of terrorism was discussed meetings of Arab Ministers of Justice axis, as it has been postponed rest of the other items », referring to the The «Iraq put cut the sources of financing and to prevent any assistance can be up to Daash by any Arab country, as well as the need to follow up and punishment of offenders and the exchange of information about their movement, in addition to the adoption of a law Arabic and anti-terrorism agreement among Arab countries». narratives Iraq and focused proposals of Iraq, according to Zamili, the need to combat the thought of terrorism from the foundation and the Foundations of Education and the circumstances in which they live by and the call for atonement each other, indicating that the call for murder is a crime punished by the criminal, like the killer, noting that the speech broadcast by some Arab parties focuses on the hatred and incitement to violence or the other atone . According to Zamila, there is received positively to the proposals of Iraq by the Arab states, and determination to help Iraq to stand against terrorism and rid the region of him. and between Zamili, Arab governments disowned all of its funding for Daash or support him, it is that there are elements and groups within countries, accusing so they are mostly from politicians or businessmen or affected by their governments, for example, in Iraq, there is the dissolved Baath Party, which is funded and the first engine basic Daash. bilateral agreements and the holding of Iraqi Justice Minister bilateral meetings with Egyptian counterparts and Saudi and Kuwaiti and Bahraini and Jordanian. He Zamili, he was agreement to sign agreements with these countries for the exchange of prisoners and judicial cooperation, provided that includes terrorists and convicted of terrorist issues, pointing out that the Ministry of Justice is seeking to internationalize this agreement transacted with Europe and South America, North America and Asia, pointing out that he signed such an agreement with Britain recently . General Amnesty Law and the General Amnesty Law, Zamili said: «The Ministry of Justice task of auditing all laws passed by the ministries and the issuance of laws and then transferred to the Council of Ministers», indicating that «the General Amnesty Law was drafted by the Supreme Judicial Council, and Dqgueth ministry then sent to the Council of Ministers, has been approved in the Council and sent to the Parliament ». The minister attributed the delay in the enactment of the law for political reasons, attributed to members of the House of Representatives, but he also« But we have a special amnesty law with a number 321 in 2014, an existing band for a general amnesty that the person he has completed a quarter of a period of condemnation », stressing that the material is covered by an amnesty is defined first of terrorism and embezzlement of state funds and adultery, incest and issues of money laundering. electronic business system and the juvenile prison, Zamili said, that« the circle reform of events under the Ministry of Labour, and after that reaches the age of majority event followed us, and there is currently a project between the Ministries of Justice and Interior to move the reform circle of events on the recommendation of human rights organizations to Justice as the specialized », pointing out that at his ministry multiple programs such as the completion of the study, literacy and give diplomas and education Aharv.obescon reforms The ministry, Zamili revealed the existence of corrupted files in real estate registration department, noting that the ministry is seeking to put a letter of work system to prevent any manipulation in advance of completion of the transaction, noting that there are many channels through which citizen reported in the case of exposing the corruption of what in any subsidiary of the Ministry of the circle. Zamili Sisi Furthermore, the Minister of Justice stressed the importance of his meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as the latter said during the meeting the need for legal and judicial Arab cooperation in various fields and the preparation of the Arab judiciary to meet the requirements of justice in the light of that seen in the Arab region of challenges, particularly the fight against terrorism.

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