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Alsjeri: We are working on the formation of new young leaders to represent the affected provinces are real

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Alsjeri: We are working on the formation of new young leaders to represent the affected provinces are real


(Independent) .. Minister of State and former MP Ali Alsjeri detect the presence of moves to highlight the new young leaders in the six provinces T-been strained and placed in the security control of the organization after Daash on part of it.

Said Alsjeri in a statement issued by his press office and received (independent) a copy of it today, in the time it feels popular street in the six affected provinces resentful of the political performance of those who presents himself today as a representative of them, it became necessary for the people of the provinces reshuffling their search for new leaders of the young It emerges from among their ranks to represent them are real.

He said, we find that it is essential today that the these provinces sons who have been displaced from their homes and violated their cities won by the devastation without the presence of real situations of those who represent them, whether in the government or parliament or provincial councils, to look at the leaders of whom you can gather them on one word for obtaining their rights really does not go into the pockets of users.

He Alsjeri he noted from afar to the time that the leaders are far from the popular street "and now it has become exposed and clear in front of everyone and we need to recognize that the six provincial representatives failed in catastrophic not only in obtaining their rights, but also even in the expression of their aspirations as part of Iraq and the people Iraqi, some trading in their name so I went to get the gains and positions regarding claims to represent the majority of living in the open or the Diaspora are looking for a living, or security. "

He pointed out that what is required today is the emergence of new young leaders are a real bear is not looking for factional gains as far as working to unify the ranks of the assembly and the people of the affected provinces to be at the forefront battalions that liberated their towns from terrorist groups.

He called Alsjeri at the same time that these young leaders will be responsible for the reconstruction of destroyed towns and villages, and the representation of the provinces before the international community and the countries that undertook to work on the reconstruction of cities ravaged organization Daash, which means that the government and parliament take the initiative to solve the provincial councils, which see it lost the legitimacy needed, and the formation of an interim councils are mostly young people who stood generally Daash and who have been displaced by force from their cities, with the adoption of integrity, diligence and patriotism standards which enable it to achieve the goals sought by Iraq and the international community in the reconstruction and peace away from all the disputes and political bickering that Arhguetna and made us lose a lot of our children.

He said all this calls for hard work for the future of our provinces have already begun preparing for conferences attract the youth of this highlight of the provinces and be able to lead them to work in their provinces, hoping to find support in the move from the central government and the provincial government.

He stressed that the move runs from the realistic reading of what is present and that if it continues, the results would be disastrous to the six provinces sons who will find themselves either without real representation of them or in a secluded region does not possess the elements of his presence and all that thanks to the leadership lost its way to achieve its ambitions on the children of account people.

He stressed that these six provinces could not verify its existence and real ambition, but within a single, unified Iraq in which everyone living Bsuasih Mtagen Tabn. (End)

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