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Putin in Tehran today to meet Supreme Leader Khamenei

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Putin in Tehran today to meet Supreme Leader Khamenei


And Kalat- - Russian President Vladimir Putin to arrive in Tehran today to visit his second in eight years. The importance of this visit to meet with Putin and Mr. Leader Ali Khamenei. A meeting which opens the first of the parties files a political crisis in the region and cooperation between the two countries in search of a strategy not governed relations tactic.
Russia Tehran probably line is expected to enter orbit greater speed, and Vladimir Putin solves again in Tehran, Vmelvat Find here it said it could redraw the region's Russian Iranian axis landmarks. Interfere in what is Giosasa with military and economic.

Hussain Naqvi Hosseini, a member of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian parliament, "We have a social mission political relations, economic with Russia, was the closest to us in positions during the nuclear talks, and Iran will continue to further develop their relations and bilateral talks with Russia."

President Putin meets President Hassan Rowhani, but the eyes are all heading to a meeting with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Syrian file and the issue of terrorism at the top of the agenda. Putin will sit to Mr. Khamenei, and of course it is no secret Iranian position, not the fall of the regime in Syria, Syria Vaarania fall means the fall of the resistance strategy in the region.

Russia's position is not much different because the fall of the Russian sense, Syria is Moscow's influence declined, and the expansion of US control. Something may be a red line for Russia and Iran. If it is Putin's visit to Tehran will let in the field to open the military cooperation at a high level to activate defense cooperation agreements.

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, General Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards saw that "Russia from the world's major powers that woke up early to the threat of terrorism and Daash and Altkvrien, and the cooperation of Iran and Russia in this area may encourage to find a union between all the countries that are threatened by the threat of terrorism.

Policy files, and drawing Gioboltaka the region, possibly need to decode the clash points an Iranian Russian head of oil and gas and the relations after the lifting of sanctions ... here may Looking countries find common projects of Russian-Iranian, and make it a conduit for energy instead of creating front compete on the territory of the consuming countries. Aaraana provided Tehran-Moscow economic stake of up to forty billion dollars as investments after the lifting of sanctions.

If the eyes are bound to President Putin's visit to Tehran. Spatially perhaps paint the Alliance live up to the strategic level. Temporally integrated dimensions between Tehran and Moscow's involvement to confront what could Issadvhma of challenges, and the message may visit is not without provocation to those who do not relax the policy of the two countries.

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