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Warranties and monthly salaries for orphans Exchange

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Warranties and monthly salaries for orphans Exchange


11/23/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
continue "charity orphan" institution in Baghdad, Diyala financial guarantees allocated for orphans and salaries disbursed monthly, while embarked on the construction of housing units for families within the national campaign to ensure that orphans in Iraq.
Fired Foundation (sponsored by the religious authority, Mr. Mohammed Said al-Hakim) national campaign to ensure that orphans in Iraq the year 2015 in cooperation with the Iraqi Media Network (media sponsor of the campaign), as it yielded this cooperation for the production of several television programs, including a program (sponsor an orphan) and (joy of Eid).
Iraqi Media Network chief Mohamed Abdul-Jabbar carp explained that the network focus within the priority to foster a spirit of tolerance, love and solidarity among the members of society in all its doctrines and ethnic groups. He added that the network has signed a memorandum of understanding with the "charity orphan" Foundation in Baghdad to translate those priorities on the ground, calling at the same time all concerned to adopt this humanitarian project to overcome this ordeal inflicted on Iraqi society Bmfajkhat terrorism Sandhr determination and will of the Iraqis loving life.
From For his part, Director of the Foundation Mohammed Ali Razzouk "morning": that said exchange guarantees and salaries for orphans in the care of the Foundation aims to enjoyment of decent life similar to the life of their peers, especially that they have lost their breadwinner as a result of the treacherous acts of terrorism or natural death. He pointed out that the Foundation began in cooperation with the donors money to build housing units for families of orphans registered in its database within the national campaign to ensure that the orphan in Iraq in order to provide decent housing for the families of the orphans of the victims of terrorist attacks and the martyrs of the popular crowd in appreciation of the sacrifices of their families of the martyrs, as bearing donors all construction costs , in addition to the value of the land on which it built housing units that reached the proportions of the completion of Mottagdmh.wachar Ali to conclude institution memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi Media Network to produce a television program broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan for the year 2015 bears the name of (sponsor an orphan) and includes the provision of financial guarantees registered for orphans at the base of enterprise data rate of 900 000 dinars per year, but is distributed over the whole year.
He said the signing of the memorandum was in the Iraqi Media Network headquarters, returned them as a "road map" followed by the program for a full year and is committed to which the parties to the memorandum items which includes The Foundation makes financial and logistical support everything related to the program, as opposed to network programs care take over the media through the broadcast of the television and radio channels during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond, and continue to campaign for a full year completed by the month of Ramadan next year, provided that the agreement is renewable.
Moreover, the program (sponsor an orphan) 30-episode television was broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan last of the Iraqi Satellite Channel on a daily basis screen, the program display a representative of the institution to submit annual financial bail each orphan from the orphanage family that has had the program, which consists of Twelve coupons and deliver the salary of $ 75 thousand dinars per month for each orphan from the orphanage family rate of 900 thousand dinars annually the value of the coupon for annual financial bail per each
orphan., in turn, said Um Abdullah, a registered widows of the institution who are receiving a monthly financial sponsorship of the institution: "The charity orphan" Foundation included her children orphans monthly financial bail through a national campaign to ensure that orphans in Iraq, which recently launched in cooperation with the Iraqi Media Network.
As one of the women from the families of the martyrs Registered provided the institution thanks to the Foundation "charity orphan" on the coverage of a residential unit being do not have the housing to fit a result of the loss of the family breadwinner who was martyred by the terrorist act targeted a gathering of workers in Husseiniya area north of Baghdad. It should be noted that the financial guarantees monthly salaries conduct covered by the orphans of those registered in the enterprise database or covered by newly and in the arena by the annual general Foundation budget, as well as through charity and donations which the Foundation has allocated the entire proceeds for this purpose and exclusively for orphans funds as well as through donations generous donors of the brothers of the Foundation sponsors among them orphans. In the same context, the Media Foundation director said the agreement between Orphan Foundation in Baghdad and the Iraqi Media Network Shepherd's media campaign will open broad prospects in front of the two parties to adopt a humanitarian projects serving slice orphans in Iraq and elevate their reality for the better.
He noted that the organization's cooperation with the Iraqi Media Network shows Over the understanding achieved between state institutions and society among themselves for the purpose of segments need support from everyone to raise their betterment for the better.

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