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Alnasiri: the budget need to be clarity economic goals

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Alnasiri: the budget need to be clarity economic goals


11/23/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
proposed economic Member Baghdad forum Samir Alnasiri the introduction of the National Provident Fund in order to reduce current expenditures and expenses of investment and increase revenue and deposited the amounts obtained from outside the proposed oil revenues in the budget tables and rely extra revenue from the service
of the people.
He called Alnasiri in an interview for « Sabah »formation of the Council of Construction and according to the budget law for 2015 shall restore the economic viability of large projects that have been implemented in the provinces and special is that the implementation of more than 50 percent of the project that the project is strategically study or infrastructure and included in the budget.
He explained that the Fund is it the task of identifying priorities in the exchange and implementation in light of the urgent need for such projects in each province and give Basra priority for the province of private, similar to Kurdistan province as the basic conservative oil-producing source for 2016 and its urgent need for the implementation of strategic projects, as well as withdraw 80 percent of the allocations earmarked for the total amount of investment expenditure (30.4) trillion dinars from the provinces and the relevant authorities to the Council of reconstruction and allocates 20 percent of them to the provinces and other parties for the purposes of a walk some dues Contractors and implementation that can be executed from the projects according to importance and priority.
Alnasiri between that of the functions of the Council to authorize the validity of the implementation of projects for the year 2016 because of the economic conditions Critical of the Council of reconstruction exclusively and withdraw the authority of the provinces for this year only for being the budget crisis and emergency. He stressed that it will achieve a reduction in investment expenditure by at least 20 percent and the equivalent of 6 trillion dinars and current expenditure by at least 10 percent and the equivalent of 8 trillion dinars and will also be savings which will be achieved up to 14 trillion dinars, as well as will be the amount of deficit up to 42 trillion dinars, down from savings of $ 14 trillion, the amount of the deficit (28) trillion Vicu
between the presence of lack of clarity of economic targets in the budget Alnasiri This is illustrated by the lack of transparency of data as in the economic reality desired and which was adopted to prepare the budget for the year 2016, and the weakness of defining the role of the private sector in non-oil resources development, as well as not to define the role of the productive sectors and to encourage the local private industrial sector also reported the government program.
He noted that the budget did not include defining the way for the implementation of economic and financial reform roadmap, as is not the identification of investment projects economic feasibility that serve the economic development and economic reforms and the absence of central authority, which tracks implementation, review and assessment, stressing the importance of resolving the problems and the settling of scores between the center and the Kurdistan region in terms of export agreements
oil. He called Alnasiri the need for enactment of the oil and gas law, despite his presence on the shelves of the House of Representatives for several years, and address the private sector entitlements (contractors and companies) contractors with the government on the implementation of the projects and then the implementation of more than 50 percent of these projects, as well as compel government and private banks to implement Bank initiative Central to allocate six trillion dinars for the financing of small and medium enterprises at an interest rate not to exceed 2 percent.
In order to fill the budget deficit Alnasiri suggested to go to the domestic borrowing of the Iraqi banking sector, external borrowing according to what was stated in the government's proposal in the budget of 2016 before the House of Representatives, as well as body shaping import high for the preparation of the curriculum import of the state according to the priorities of availability of appropriations and pull the powers of the ministers in the stroll contracts and authorize the body above the validity of the study and the ratification and implementation follow-up exclusively with the exception of the Ministry of Defense, Interior and security agencies and national security.  
He holds this body to prepare import of the State Platform for pursuing implementation of each of the ministries , and to stop the import of semi-staple consumer and recreational materials and support agricultural and industrial domestic production and be our motto for the year 2016 (import complement to domestic production and not a rival to him) and limiting the import duty on basic necessities: food, medicine and supplies electric power to secure the oil industry, gas and minerals and the requirements of the perpetuation of the war on terror maintain security and

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