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To inform people of Iraq .. corruption and the Ministry of Water Resources and the start of operations theft of Kaz and Bansin (exciting details)

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To inform people of Iraq .. corruption and the Ministry of Water Resources and the start of operations theft of Kaz and Bansin (exciting details)

22-11-2015 07:00 PM

It is known to all and the Ministry of Water Resources officials, who are heads of corruption in the ministry and the oldest is the Star Abdul Ali and broker Mohammed Sultan, where received the ministry's administration after its reconstruction in 2003, and initiated thefts from stealing kerosene generators and cheating on prices and quantities and theft Bansin car where he had 40 cars parked in the ministry's garage and was received by Bansin and two years later was discovered has not been punished only pull gasoline file it and about the assets section for information thefts did not stop here take refuge maintenance of the cars for the Ministry of disastrous and Starr and Mohammed Sultan largest share where and review simple files Car maintenance person discovers the size of thefts There is also a royalty of contractor lines and each line of the civil lines gathering of Star and refuses to be termination of the contract of his car and replace it with a car again, continuous and thefts in the civil lines where Starr agreed with a group of staff in the ministry and he expelled a group of civil lines and replaced them with car lines belonging to some of the staff and well-known of the staff have lines either their names or the names of their brothers or their cousins ​​and of course royalty gathered them for Star too, then it initiated works ministry maintenance period where used the guise of his son, who works in the maintenance department to arrange these things, starting from cooling the ministry spent a tremendous amount of system and all I went to Pocket Star and ending with the smallest acts of dye here and there and the work of building and ceilings secondary clips are all the other was a profit to Star and it brings Workers employed and receive it amounts huge Contracting then initiated committees procurement period and maintenance of fire system and warning that profit, including Star millions, starting from its installation using a person named Abu Hassan known Baltlzyk where just around the erect Holidays system within the ministry does not work in the amount of my own, and does from time to time and other maintenance work have tens of millions and maintenance carried out by the process flick sensors only, while the system of the Ministry cameras Everybody knows what the cameras The amounts by taking possession of Starr from behind maintenance and renewal of fairy cameras reached the billion and more and everyone knows and silent.

The rest of spoilers rest of the gang are Iyad Abdul Zaid and Semsarah (supporter who bought during the year the house in the Arboretum area and a car) and Haydar Moussa known that the current minister moved outside the ministry and returned two days later to work in queries and Saad Abdul Sidekick and Saad director of the maintenance department, where thousand of these four Star and Iyad Saad and Saad Association to steal the ministry's money and nobody could stand Bugehm Until recently, Mr. Minister Mohsen al-Shammari transfer Iyad Saad Abdul-Sahib remained Saad Director of Maintenance and Star awaiting the arrival of the budget for Astinva their work ransacked the ministry God appointed and Haseeb.

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