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Political Day

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Political Day


Martyrs is a difference between the law of Iraqi victims
Iraqi forces union announced he would challenge the law of the Martyrs Foundation voted by the Parliament recently, being included numerous violations of the Constitution, not to mention being the difference between the martyrs and was biased in favor of one party over the other.
The MP said Azzedine state that "the House of Representatives voted on the Martyrs Foundation Act, which did not not Mlpina ambitions were contained in a lot of lapses that have divided between a martyr and another.
"He said a member of the forces Union that" the enactment of the law is unconstitutional because the original law, which began at a time when the coalition government was a specific ten-year period, which expires at the end of this year, therefore, there is no There is no legal justification or constitutional enactment of a new law allows. "

Agreement to make transfers in the 2016 budget to support the crowd
National Alliance MP Haider Mawla announced political blocs agreement on the redeployment of some of the doors of the budget next year and add them to the popular crowd
allocations., Said the Lord that "the allocation of the crowd is essential must increase financial allocations her," adding that "all the blocs agreed to the increase and transfers Some of the money from other sections and filling this shortage.
"The member of the National Alliance that" most of the political forces in the parliament agreed not to vote on the budget next year unless the increase popular crowd allocations.
"He said the Lord that" some observations about the budget and the presence of 12 billion dollars in the budget of the Ministry of Oil dedicated Kaguetrad in order to repay the indebtedness of the Ministry of Oil to oil companies, "calling to" postpone the payment of these funds to oil companies operating in Iraq. "

Russia has no intention to expand the strikes to Iraq without the approval of Baghdad
Stressed the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Hakhuan Abdullah had no intention of Russia to expand military-ranging from Syria to Iraq unless the Iraqi government expressed willingness to do so.
The MP said Hakhuan Abdullah said that "the Russian side emphasized that in the current situation is not his intention to expand the military sphere of Syria and I found so intent require the approval of the Iraqi government.
"He said a member of the security committee of parliamentary to" the presence of some of the previous contracts with the Russian side, dominated by corruption and we decided to form a committee to follow up on those contracts and who we are number of them.
"A delegation from the Commission and defense parliamentary security had visited Russia at a time previously discussed with the State Duma and the Russian security officials and politicians Russians need to cooperate with Russia's security, military and was attended by lifting arms to third world countries.

Taxes and tariffs is aggregated from the south only
Chairman Badr parliamentary bloc Qassim al-Araji called on the government to reconsider prices, customs and tax tariff levied on import Aldaia.oukal Araji that "the children of the center and south are still suffering from the conditions of living poor and the lack of services and can not impose additional taxes on them, noting" the importance of reducing the customs tariff rates and taxes, especially that the money that comes from the tariff in the province do not come, central to the government any amount in addition to the inability of the government take advantage of the tax in Nineveh and Anbar because of their fall, however, terrorism. "He added Chairman Badr parliamentary bloc, said that" the government for greater efforts to revive the Iraqi economy away for taxation at the moment and by expanding investment and encouraging industrial and agricultural sectors and to encourage the domestic industry. "

We expect the government to disclose the files of corruption
MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Aziz Zalmi detect the presence of individuals working in secret to tarnish the image of the Sadrist movement.
Stressing that the Liberal bloc will reveal corrupted files if the government failed to detect it.
He said Zalmi that "the electoral and political competition is absent from the scene and is working in secret to attack the mainstream Sadr for political ends.
"He said a member of the Liberal bloc that" our position on exposing corruption files to Aarouk to some political figures ", pointing out that the bloc" is not supine on the detection of those files, but we believe in and supportive of the Government Abadi.
"said Zalmi that" the mass of the ability to detect the files of corruption if the government failed to detect. "

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