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Central confirms investigation files Chalabi: Grmena and other destinations We have questioned

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Central confirms investigation files Chalabi: Grmena and other destinations We have questioned


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, to continue the investigation in the late National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, files, and as pointed out directing inquiries to government agencies each sent their answers, pointed out fining banks reported Files After investigated.
The newspaper (range) has been published, starting since the seventh of November of this, documentation series, within the former Chairman of the Finance Committee Ahmad Chalabi files, reveal the corruption that implicated by community banks and companies emerged that most of them have not been registered with the Ministry of Commerce, but it has bought billions dollars and turned it into abroad.
He said on the Keywords, during a press conference held at the Central Bank building and attended (range Press), "The central bank had hoped to be files that were published for the late Ahmad Chalabi secret, because they are issues related to money laundering and published the detriment of cooperation with the countries of other, "stressing that" there are memorandums of understanding signed with some countries not to publish these documents until verified completely.
"Keywords and added that" the central bank continuously checks for all files and face inquiries and calls for a government different and some of these inquiries years ago, "noting that "There are circles sent their answers and some have not yet been received and files that were published we have investigated and Grmena different banks."
In another context, Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords said during the conference that "the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and a number of specialists suggested to be part of the employee's salary in dollars ".
He added:" It we as a central bank refused this thing for two reasons, the first being a threat to the sovereignty of the country, because the currency dinar is the national currency ", noting that" The second reason is that the process leads to a significant reduction reserve.
"The President of the Foundation Range Media and culture and the arts, Fakhri Karim, handed in (the ninth of November the current 2015), President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, the full file to the issues of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency Alambtaah from the central bank auction, who was Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and the President of the Conference the Iraqi National Congress, the late MP Ahmad Chalabi, had deposited a copy of it to the professor cream.

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