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Political breakthrough begin moving the "general amnesty" and reconciliation between al-Maliki and al-Abadi

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Political breakthrough begin moving the "general amnesty" and reconciliation between al-Maliki and al-Abadi


BAGHDAD / Wael grace

After two weeks of receipt of the Prime Minister of the list of dental conditions in exchange for supporting the government's reforms, Haider al-Abadi sent the revised version of the General Amnesty Law to the parliament.
Law and in spite of objections about its provisions, but it is one of the most important part of the political agreement the terms of which Jmdth reforms launched by the Prime Minister in August, along with other national laws Kahars, accountability and justice packs.

And attribute the leading role in the rule of law re-controversial move files within the House of Representatives to the last meeting of the three presidencies. Stressing that the presidencies agreed to legislation laws send letters check on political parties concerned.
In recent times, fell dramatically wave of criticism, which affected Abadi from the outskirts of opposition within the Shiite alliance.
And return the truce efforts, according to members of the Dawa Party to repeated in the party meetings and block the ruling and the adoption of Prime Minister once again on the "state of law" to push reforms.
The pay-Abadi partners and other political forces to resentment after conducted by the changes described as "unconstitutional", and no consultation.
The peak differences when threatened 60 deputies in the state law, the withdrawal of a parliamentary mandate for Abadi and Omhloh 72 hours to answer questions they gave him.
But this escalation retreat after a meeting of the Dawa party and the parties in the rule of law agreed to stop the escalation and to form a committee to resolve differences between Abadi al-Maliki that have not adhered to by the parties.
and move the Prime Minister to convene a meeting rarely with the outskirts of the Sunni coalition in the same day of the parliamentary vote to uphold the legislative its powers. This meeting was followed by a surprise visit to Najaf Abadi, where he met with religious references with the exception of al-Sistani. He also met with also all of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and guide the Virtue Party, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi.
Citizen: the right
time, says MP Hamid vegetative, president of the citizen's parliamentary bloc, "The government has sent a general amnesty law and to Parliament that accelerates legitimizes," pointing out that " law if political consensus Van found legislation now will be in a timely manner.
"The house a bone of contention between the Union of Forces National Alliance on 14 exception included in the general amnesty which has been postponed more than once law.
Legal Parliamentary Committee estimates there are more than 30 thousand prisoners in Iraqi prisons, may include the bulk of this number of provisions of the law.
The law passed in the Council of Ministers last June with difficulty, after intercepting three votes and the fourth reservation. After intense controversy within the ministerial meeting on the law, to resolve Abadi it and hired consultants to modify some of the paragraphs in the final moments.
Abadi begins to answer
in turn, says Khaled Mafraji, leader of the coalition forces, in connection with the (range), that "the political movement the latter led by Chairman government with Sunni forces had begun now clear by sending a general amnesty law.
"He added Mafraji said his bloc" agreed with Abadi, the need to pass a general amnesty and the National Guard as well as the accountability and justice who was part of the conditions for approval to participate in the current government law. " He favored the MP from Kirkuk to witness the coming period put the rest of the laws that need to "political consensus seems possible today."
The Union forces to pass the law as a gateway to enter the national reconciliation. The largest Sunni bloc made, two weeks ago, a list of seven demands as a condition for approval on the political front which Abadi for its formation is seeking the aim of ensuring "parliamentary cover" for his reforms recently stumbled.
It was agreed the prime minister and the Union forces to form a joint committee to follow up the implementation conditions and start drawing the framework of the coalition new.
She spoke demands about the need to provide relief financially for the displaced, and re-displaced to the rock cliff, Diyala, Salahuddin and belt of Baghdad, and the involvement of the Sunni tribes in the popular crowd and commitment to agreed upon, which is 50 thousand fighters of the Sunni component of the total 120 thousand.
The paper contains demand the release of innocent people who have not been convicted, as well as taking into account the balance in the distribution of special grades, and the opening of a bridge corridor Bzabz in front of the displaced and the re-implementation of previous agreements.
Decisions of the three presidencies
For his part, attributed Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, leader of the state law, moving the controversial laws at this time that he "came in implementation the decisions of the three presidencies meeting.
"He said Jafar, said in an interview with the (range)," The last meeting came conclude that he can not complete the reforms without returning to the implementation of previous agreements and pass important laws such as the National Guard and amnesty.
"indicates a member of a coalition of state law that" This legislation laws carrying a message to the contentment of the Year ", stressing that" the law is acceptable to all parties in terms of the principle that no freedom for terrorists. " He expected "to be overcome differences on the law amending some paragraphs."
The meeting of the three presidencies, was held last Thursday, stressed "the importance of the development of peaceful co-existence between citizens, and stay away from the climate of tension and stress in these circumstances", as well as discuss political, economic and security conditions Albulad.ujae meeting in a month after the escalation against the prime minister Haider al-Abadi because of reforms measures. But MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar says that "the bulk of those differences may especially over those that occurred between Abadi and his predecessor, al-Maliki," asserting that "the differences remained after a round of meetings within the rule of law succeeded dissolving the ice between the prime minister and his bloc".
He denied a member of the Dawa Party pursuit of al-Abadi to form a new political front to pass reforms, stressing that "the prime minister will depend on the mass of first (state law) and the National Alliance."
helped leaks, which talked about the efforts made ​​by Prime Minister al-Abadi for the formation of a broad front, to pass his reforms despite the scarcity information on the subject.
and started talking about forming a political front to push reforms after the emergence of differences within the Dawa Party, against the backdrop of Nuri al-Maliki's refusal to Vice President Abadi's decision to abolish the posts of Vice President of the Republic.

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