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Parliamentary legal form a small committee

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1 Parliamentary legal form a small committee on Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:52 am


Parliamentary legal form a small committee


11/22/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
formed a legal committee in the House of Representatives sub-committee to amend or cancel about 4000 decision of the so-called {Revolutionary Command Council »dissolved, while warned that the cancellation of these decisions fully may cause vacuum legislature. A member of the Committee on the block Salim Shawki: that a small committee formed of three deputies to work on the inventory of those decisions and the possibility of amendments to it or included in certain laws, pointing out that its deletion is not in the interest of the country with the present because many of them deals with economic topics, social or punitive or development which will cause vacuum legislative. He explained Shawki, in an interview for »morning», that «the mini-committee will try to rewrite those decisions under the name of another and thus the recipe as belonging to the Council of the dissolved Revolutionary Command decisions». He Shawki to «Committee cooperation with the Parliamentary Research Service to end this file as soon as possible », warning that« political of those decisions, which hurt the Iraqi people have been amended over the past years ». For his part, praised the member of the Committee for the mass change of Kurdish Secretary Baker that the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council resolutions, not all violations of the law, which calls for we modified some of them to walk the matters of state through it. He said Baker, in a statement »Sabah», that «the Commission collided during the last stage of the Federal Court's decision that prevented the House of Representatives of the authority to provide the bills», adding that «the Federal Court removed the ban later The Board has given the right to submit proposals laws ». He pointed Baker that« mini-committee will start work to complete by the repeal or amendment or legislation decisions could be parallel with the decisions of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council ». while MP for the coalition of state law Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi argued that decisions The so-called »Revolutionary Command Council» is still working out ongoing and messing the destiny of the state and citizens. He explained Saadawi, in an interview with «morning», that «the change in the country after the fall of the dictatorial regime in 2003 was not the required level», pointing out that «more than 3000 decision of the Council of the dissolved Revolutionary Command still works out up to now and tampered with a lot of resources of the state and the spread of the deadly red tape and administrative and financial corruption which led to overlapping powers in some government departments, causing a negative impact on the transactions  of citizens». He Saadawi «We need to abolish those laws despite plentiful or modified as needed, although we are sure that he is not in this session and which will be followed be able to provide those decisions to be modified or canceled due to plentiful »calling« Legal Committee in the House of Representatives to reconsider those decisions and submit to the Presidency for inclusion on the agenda and vote on the cancellation or amendment to get rid of the complexities posed by those decisions on the work of government departments which ». He was a member of the National Alliance and Wael Abdul Latif has criticized the government's delay to cancel laws passed by the former regime and is still in force so far, attributing this to slouch ministries and agencies is associated with the Ministry in this regard. He said Abdul Latif in a press statement: that the treatment of this issue is very simple: that approached cabinet ministries and agencies is related to the Ministry on the review of laws that hamper their work. He added that in the case of lifting the ministry or body demand to reconsider any law or to modify an obstacle to its work to the Council of Ministers in turn will raise the Council issue to the House of Representatives in order to repealed or amended, stressing that this issue does not only need to be just months and ends with the subject. Ray Abdul Latif that the House is adopting issue of repatriation or amend laws. Reports that the number of dissolved Revolutionary Command Council resolutions for the period between the Baath Party to power in 1968 until the fall of the regime in 2003 amounted to 13,500 is a decision which has affected negatively on the legal and judicial systems and the nature of these decisions was the legislative as well as they are not subject to oversight by the legislative authorities in the country  time.

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