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The completion of the industrial city in Basra

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The completion of the industrial city in Basra

11/22/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo,
the Ministry of Industry and Minerals is working on the completion of the industrial city in Basra province over the next two years despite the lack of financial allocations assigned to them, which it is hoped to match global counterparts, amid warnings from the Minister Mohammed al-Darraji of the existence of a campaign to hit the Iraqi industry.
The public company Design and implementation of the ministry's projects, create a project the industrial city located in the Khor Al-Zubair on the road leading to the port of Umm Qasr area of 295 dunams, which is planned to provide opportunities for the establishment of 170 industrial projects in turn provide four thousand and 250 jobs, while the total cost of the contracts of the project 61 billion and 794 million dinars.
He hopes the ministry spokesman Abdul Wahid al-Shammari in his speech for »morning», said the project is completed during the next two years, he returned him of strategic projects and the task that will occur a quantum leap to the province of Basra in the industrial field, explaining that the city include factories and locations of companies and stores and commercial offices are linked firms productivity according to a new scheme for the province.
The Basra oil, industrial and economic major provinces, to the left untouched from the oil wealth and major companies, such as petrochemicals, iron and steel, fertilizers, paper and power plants, as well as agricultural potential and promising, as well as being the only maritime port of the country.
The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji had held last week's visit to the province of Basra included access to the reality of the ministry companies in the governorate.
and between Shammari said the chemical fertilizer industry company in the province of Basra arrived output to 1,000 tons per day of urea fertilizer used in the agricultural sector, pointing that it hoped to double the production of up to 2,000 tons per day by early next year. In the same context, Minister al-Darraji said during a press conference held on Wednesday and attended by «morning», the presence of 271 material produced in Iraq, noting that the ministry has not been able to obtain a decision of the Council of Ministers by requiring government departments to buy his ministry products.
He added that the continuation of hard currency out of the country and turn it into consumer products will lead to the collapse of the country's economy, pointing out that the state departments condemns companies self-financing to 396 billion and 551 million dinars against the products were sold, indicating that the Iraqi industry quality confirmed by the Ministry of Planning and despite the presence of a media campaign to hit the Iraqi industry, noting The law disclosed Iraq's contribution to the product by 25 percent, it is considered an Iraqi industry.
Furthermore, the Ministry of Industry continues to hold its discussion with companies and formations its subsidiaries for the purpose of adopting the continuous processors own for investment projects recently approved.
Engineer Jalal Hussein Hassan, Deputy Director General of the Department of Planning in The ministry said in a statement: The «seminars to discuss related sectors of construction, textile and food issues while leaving the door open for other sectors which did not record presence for the purpose of addressing the problems facing the investment projects that were approved earlier by the Council of Ministers, noting that some of these Projects under the control of terrorist organizations in the hot spots, which prevented completion once and for all.

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