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The dream of the Jews of Iraq seemed to be achieved through Kurdistan

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The dream of the Jews of Iraq seemed to be achieved through Kurdistan

-oreet Follow-up - the dream of Iraqi Jews who were driven from the country by more than six decades to return to the motherland, as it still feel nostalgic to their temples and alleys where they grew up. This dream difficult to achieve, however, began anyway from the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
A report by the newspaper al-monitor that "the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government had announced on 13 October last, the opening of the Representation of the Jewish religion at the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs.

The ministry spokesman in the government of Iraq's Kurdistan region Miroan Naqshbandi said that "the region's parliament issued in April, the right of minorities law, was voted on complete unanimity, before it is ratified by the regional president Massoud Barzani," adding that this law gives the right of every religion has followers in the region to create its representation and practice rituals freely. "

Naqshbandi and noted that there were "more than 300 Jewish families living in the region and the number is increasing every day, so was the opening of the Representation them like other religions and denominations, and it has become the right of Jews to provide their own projects to the Government of the region and the construction of temples, across Mmthleethm in the government."

He continued that "there are large numbers of Jewish families intend to return from abroad and live in the region, because they see it as a safe place, especially as it is not confirmed their participation in the political process and its entry in it."

For his part, spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saad al-Hadithi said that "the opening of the Representation of the Jews in the Kurdistan region of Iraq a welcome step, provided that they are away from the influence of the state of Israel, because Iraq rejects any relations with this state," .uama if there request for the opening of the Representation of Jews in Baghdad and other provinces, Sabri said: "I have no knowledge of the existence of any request, but the number of Jews in Baghdad does not rise to the opening of the representation of them as the rest of the ingredients, because the opening of representations subject to the size of the population."

Said Araz Shukri (not her real name), one of the Iraqi Jews who are in the Kurdistan region of Iraq that "our presence in Iraq is not new, we are living in this country for thousands of years and there are those who work more than half a century to expel us from Iraq and we moved to other countries and our right to go back to our country. "

"There are Jewish families live in Israel and plans to return to Iraq and live in the Kurdistan region, because they feel that the presence in Iraq and to live in a part of its history and its presence in this world. In spite of

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