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Deputy calls Abadi to announce details "Occlusive aircraft weapons," which landed in Baghdad

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Deputy calls Abadi to announce details "Occlusive aircraft weapons," which landed in Baghdad


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} demanded high Nassif MP for the National Alliance, on Sunday, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi save the sovereignty of Iraq and the disclosure of the two Germanys Allta planes landed at Baghdad airport details, and were loaded with weapons and funds Occlusive unknown source.
Nassif said in a press release agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "the phenomenon of landing aircraft at Baghdad airport carrying weapons with silencers banned internationally and funds smuggled unknown source and destination are repeated in a matter of concern and suspicion, and suggesting that Iraq brazen country for his masters to him, major disaster that the aircraft returned to the side from which it came without any action.
"She added that" the last incident of this kind is to drop two Germanies at Baghdad airport carrying silenced guns sound great sums of money in dollars and euros, and there is fear of passing the issue easily and allow the two to return to the party that had come in them without disclosing Hakaguethma and who had been waiting for the arrival of these weapons and money, similar to what happened in similar aircraft Canadian, Swedish, Russian and other ", asking" to any law based on decisions of the returned aircraft loaded with weapons internationally banned? ".
and expressed surprise at "Dealing with this serious issue normally despite the fact that these weapons were meant to kill the Iraqis, and that the funds that have been seized if were not destined for terrorist organizations at worst, it may be part of a money laundering operation." and showed that "there are no state sovereign landing at their airports planeloads death and then said to the commander of the plane Please count where I came from and then folded easily file ", claim the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to" save the prestige and sovereignty of Iraq and the placement of these aircraft to achieve the declared and disclosed details of the case in front of the Iraqi people to know our enemies true, with clarify the fact that the news that says that the aircraft was heading to the Kurdistan region. "According to various media sources earlier that Baghdad International Airport saw the landing as two planes from Germany loaded with weapons with silencers and large amounts of money were traveling to the territory of Krdstan.ookdt that" authority Civil Aviation in Baghdad forced the two planes of the Federal Republic of Germany were traveling to the Kurdistan region to land at Baghdad International Airport, pointing out that the two planes were carrying large amounts of silenced weapons as well as the amount of money estimated at five million dollars. The Baghdad International Airport has recently witnessed a decline as two planes from Turkey and Kuwait, one Canadian and the other carrying a Swedish silenced guns were on their way to the Kurdistan region, but airport authorities have allowed the two to return from where Oqlata.anthy

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