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Work: We will launch a protection document Iraqi children end of the year

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Work: We will launch a protection document Iraqi children end of the year


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudan, on Saturday, the completion of the preparation of the draft protection of the children of Iraq policy, and as pointed out that the project will be launched later this year, he stressed that there are a lot of difficulties and obstacles that stand in front of a safe world for children industry.
Said Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese, who is president of the Child Welfare Authority, in an interview to the (long-Presse) on the sidelines of atheist th Annual Scientific Conference held by the Child Welfare Authority in cooperation with the UNICEF organization, which was held at the Palestine Hotel in central Baghdad, said that "the Commission has prepared a draft of a comprehensive national policy to protect the child in Iraq has reached the final Achoatha, "stressing that" an expanded meeting will be held on Sunday (today), in the presence of multiple parties to view and submit a document of the child protection policy before its launch in its final form by the end of the year 2015 ".
Sudanese and added that" This project involved In preparation UNICEF and experts and specialists are Iraqis, "pointing out that" the Commission has completed the completion of the draft Child Protection Act and the draft Child Welfare Authority and sent the law to the Council of State to take the way of legislation.
"The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs that" there are a lot of difficulties and factors accumulated that stand in front of it happen, but we hope to overcome them and to begin manufacturing a safe world for children, "asserting that" children in Iraq are the biggest victim of the conflicts and wars, crises and challenges faced by the country and become an imminent danger to the lives of children also caused the emergence of the phenomena of child labor and children streets and school drop-out. "
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq, revealed Friday (22 second Scheeren 2014), an agreement with UNICEF regarding provision of assistance for displaced children, as shown that the program included the establishment of the headquarters of child-friendly in the four provinces, they have indicated that they will be documented organization "Daash" crimes against children.
It is noteworthy that the number of displaced children up to more than 800 thousand children are living a real human tragedy and disaster, which is experiencing the areas where they are a drop in temperatures and difficult living conditions threaten their lives.

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